Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Actress Pragati Mehra: Entertainment Industry Might Take A Little Longer To Regain Its Glory(Photo Credit: Instagram)

‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ actress Pragati Mehra has shared why the entertainment industry might take a little longer than others to regain its glory after being struck by the pandemic.

“Last two years have been tough for all and everyone is bouncing back, so is the entertainment industry, but in my opinion, it might take a little longer to regain its glory as it doesn’t fall under the ‘essential’ category. Hence, the government is taking time to lift all the bans and the audience is treading with caution too,” she explained.



As an actor, she has had some special moments. “Well special is that I sincerely like what I do. But in terms of roles, I haven’t yet been offered something that’s given me a special feeling. And personally, without make-up and get-up, I still do not get recognised, so nothing special or extraordinary comes my way because I am an actor,” Pragati Mehra said.

Popularity wise, ‘Uttaran’ made a difference in her career. “This is followed by ‘Chhoti Bahu 2’. A show I really enjoyed working on besides the popular ones of course, are ‘Bal Gopal Kare Dhamaal’, ‘Sunaina’ and ‘Bombay Talking’,” Pragati Mehra shared.

Her career goals still remain the same — to be cast in that “fabulous role in a hit show or film!”

According to her, satisfaction in the acting field never happens. “If it did then one would like to retire as an actor,” Pragati Mehra said.

Pragati also wishes her fans a peaceful year. “Give up useless hustle. Invest your time and resources in things and people that matter, which have mattered in the past two years. Have a healthy and peaceful year,” she said.

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