When Divyanka Tripathi Lashed Out At Diet Sabya For Calling Her Belt A ‘Gandi Copy’ Of A Sabyasachi Piece
When Divyanka Tripathi Shut Diet Sabya In Style For Comparing Her Belt With That Of Sabyasachi Mukherjee ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Fashion critics on the internet can get brutally harsh and mean, often crossing the thin line between constructive criticism and trolling. Several actors have been shamed in the past for their choice of clothes and jewellery, sometimes leading to an open debate on social media. A few years back, actor Divyanka Tripathi was targeted on Instagram by an anonymous self-proclaimed fashion critic but she had the most savage way of shutting them up.

For the unversed, Diet Sabya is a popular Instagram handle that calls out celebrities whenever a rehashed or duplicate piece is used by them. They kept their identity anonymous and reposted pictures of several actors in the past including Sonam Kapoor amongst others. They were often called out as well, mainly by people who did not approve of their rude and arrogant posts.

In the year 2018, Diet Sabya was a major topic of debate, leaving the internet divided over the kind of work they do. Divyanka Tripathi featured in one of their posts under the segment ‘Gandi Copy’ where they publicly point out the duplicates and first copies. They shared a picture of Divyanka in a Sabyasachi inspired Bengal Tiger belt which was a major fashion statement at that time. They compared her look with that of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s and wrote, “#Guts On A Sunday afternoon!! 🤯 Y’all will often tell us not to blame the celebrity, but you’ve to live under a giant rock to not know that this is an iconic @sabyasachiofficial belt. NO excuses!! #dietsabya #Gandi #copy #lol #🤢”

According to a report by DNA, Divyanka Tripathi did not let the public shaming faze her as she wrote, “My genuine ignorance maybe a big fashion crime for you…but you guys definitely have the guts to be rude to another level. Thanks for pointing out the mistake. No thanks for being inhuman and harsh!”.

Divyanka took it a step further by sharing an elaborate comment that was put up by a netizen who stood by her perspective. She called out the page sternly and wrote, “EVEN I COME FROM A HUMBLE BACKGROUND! MAKING MOCKERY OF PEOPLE FOR THEIR DRESSING, IS SUCH AN ARROGANT AND HIGH-HANDED, HIGH SCHOOL SNOB ATTITUDE!”

She also shed some light on how everyone cannot afford expensive clothes and wrote, “I felt so pressurised suddenly, felt like digging a hole and burying my face. Imagine this happening with people who can’t afford great dresses and designs, let alone a stylist or designer. In fact, NOT ALL CELEBRITIES AND STARS ARE RICH in contrast to a common expectation. Few become stars because of their QUALITY OF WORK and NOT WHAT THEY WEAR and HOW MUCH THEY EARN or FOR THEIR KNOWLEDGE OF FASHION WORLD!”. Here’s a look.

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