Game Of Thrones' Iconic Iron Throne Has A Harry Potter Easter Egg Forged With Gandalf's Glamdring & Robin Hood’s Hilt?
What? Game Of Thrones’ Iconic Iron Throne Has Been Forged With Gandalf’s Glamdring & Robin Hood’s Hilt? (Photo Credit: Facebook & spotern)

American fantasy drama Game Of Thrones, which is based on George R R Martin’s books, has become a cultural phenomenon. The show has taken the world by storm and it became one of the most popular television shows of all time. The show’s Iron Throne has become iconic among fans. But did you have a Lord Of The Rings connection? Scroll down to know.

GoT’s Iron Throne is both a physical seat of office as well as a metonym for the monarchy of Westeros. According to the books, Targaryen King Aegon the Conqueror made a throne for himself from the swords of his vanquished enemies, fused by Dragonfire.

Just when we thought the throne couldn’t get any cooler, eagle-eyed netizens found out that a few famous movie swords have made their way into Westeros’ seat of power. As per Redditor NoMoreHodoring, The Lord of the Rings protagonist Gandalf’s Glamdring has been woven into the Iron Throne. Take a look:

Gandalf’s sword appears to be situated near the centre of the throne’s back. Interestingly, right next to Glamdring is another famous blade. Fans suspect that the sword appears to be Robin Hood’s hilt. Redditor Elio_Garcia has also pointed out that several of the other swords, which have been woven in the Game Of Thrones’ Iron Throne, were likely borrowed from the 2005 film “Kingdom of Heaven.” So this means it is difficult to tell whether or not these blades were also cast for the seat, but it is certainly possible.

Interestingly, Harry Potter’s Easter Egg also seemed to have found a way in the Iron Throne.

It is also worth pointing out that Emilia Clarke, who played the role of Dragon-riding Khaleesi, once spoke about filming a scene where her on-screen alter ego ate a fake horse’s heart. Talking to Jimmy Kimmel on his talk show back in 2012, the actress said, “It was kind of like a gummy bear. But covered in fake blood that tasted sort of like bleach, which was gross. The fake blood is really really sticky. So I was covered head to toe in the fake blood and I’m continually sticking to myself, or to other things. Then there was a moment when we were filming it that I disappeared, and I was stuck to the toilet.”

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