Was Rachel Green Bisexual? LGBTQ Website Suggests An Alternate Ending Of Jennifer Aniston's Character!
Was Rachel Green Bisexual? (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Friends is one of the most iconic shows that global television has been blessed with. While there remain millions of fans across the world, David Crane & Marta Kauffman’s sitcom has been termed ‘problematic’ on numerous occasions over its allegedly homophobic approach. Scroll below for details as an LGBTQ website suggests an alternate ending where Jennifer Aniston, aka Rachel Green, ends up marrying Melissa (Winona Ryder).

Most fans will remember that Rachel had her first gay encounter when she kissed her college friend Melissa after drinking Sangria beyond her capacity. Years later, when they meet, Green recalls their history and declares, “that night was the one wild thing I’ve done in my entire life” before she goes onto kiss again to remind her of the moment!

While Melissa finally confesses her long-lived feelings, Friends storyline witnesses Jennifer Aniston’s character refuse the romance only to claim she did it because she’s a “good kisser.” Was Rachel Green gay? Another such instance when Ross and Rachel wished ‘Alan was a woman’ hinted so!

We all know that Rachel Green and Ross Geller eventually reunite for a happy ending. But LGBTQ website The Pink News once suggested an alternative ending that goes, “Running into Melissa years later, The one with Rachel’s big kiss, meant that her feelings came flooding back… Sadly Rachel’s relationship with Melissa didn’t last as long as she’d like. Instead she focused on her career – working her way through the ranks she ends up being the first lesbian executive of Ralph Lauren. A strong independent woman, Rachel found love eventually but her one true love would always be her cat – Mrs. Whiskerson.”

Well, Ross and Rachel shipper would surely have a bittersweet reaction to this FRIENDS ending. But it would be safe to say that, maybe Rachel Green was indeed bisexual?

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