Vir Das' New Rant On The US Elections Is The Best Thing You'll See On The Internet Today
Vir Das’ New Rant On The US Elections Is Hilarious

Joe Biden is the new President of the US and Kamala Harris is the first-ever woman Vice-President. The States is celebrating their win like crazy including all the A-List celebrities. Amid the win, comedian Vir Das has shared a new rant on the same and it’s one of the best things that you’ll see on the internet today.


Sharing the video on his Instagram, Das captioned it, “CONGRATS ON THE AMERICAN ELECTION!!! Dedicated to the #USElection2020 from the rest of the world, a loose rant. Do share and tag your American friends 🙏🏼😜✌🏻”


Aren’t those brutally honest facts, Vir Das just mentioned there? Haha!

The video has over 16k likes and we insist you drop everything you’re doing and watch it.

A user commented, “Let’s give this man a proper respect for making joke about how currupt indian media is” on Vir’s video. Another fan wrote, “Most intelligent comedy ever, all can’t get it”.

Vir Das shared yet another post on the US elections and that read, “You think YOU’RE happy right now? You’re not even CLOSE to ‘Melania Happy’”.

The Delhi Belly actor captioned his post, “Congrats America!!!!!! #BidenWon #uselection”.

One user commented on the post and wrote, “melania is kinda sad becos she was the wife of american president and now she is the wife of donald trump”. Another user wrote, “Really happy for America.🤩😍 That’s more of dream for us, अभी दिल्ली बहुत दूर है 🥺”

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has won with a huge margin from Donald Trump and ever since he has been declared the new elected President of the US, there’s crazy meme fest going on the social media platforms.

Celebrities and people in the US are celebrating the victory of #BidenHarris2020 and we are more than happy for them.

What are your thoughts on Vir Das’ rant on the US elections? Tell us in the comments below.

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