The Boys Season 4 Receives Lowest Audience Rating in Series History
The Boys Season 4 Receives Lowest Audience Rating(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Amazon’s The Boys season 4 is off to a disappointing start. The audience appear unimpressed with the latest instalment, which dropped on June 14. While The Boys was the year’s most anticipated show, viewers’ disappointment with the series was reflected in the Rotten Tomatoes rating. A day after its premiere, The Boys scored its lowest Rotten Tomatoes rating based on the fresh batch of audience reviewers.

The first three episodes of The Boys season 4 dropped on July 13 before switching to weekly premiers. Shortly after, a volley of audience reviews came flooding in, with overwhelming viewers describing the show as the driest season in the franchise’s history. One reason for viewers’ general apathy for the current season appears to be politics.

Without giving away any spoilers, showrunner Eric Kipke had previously hinted that Season 4 would satirize the current political scenario in the U.S., delving deep into right-wing conspiracy theories, including the Q Anon pizzagate.

The political parodies appear to be turning off the viewers, and their Rotten Tomatoes reviews reflect their disenchantment with the latest instalment.

The Boys Season 4 received the lowest audience score

Audience reviews flooded in after The Boys’ Season 4 premiere on Thursday, June 13, 2024. With over 500 reviews submitted so far, the new season’s Rotten Tomatoes rating stands at a dismal 63%, making it the lowest rating The Boys franchise has received.

The Boys’ Season 1 received the highest 90% score from over 5,000 reviews, followed by Season 2, which received 83%. Season 3 ratings dropped to an all-time low of 75% until season 4 arrived with the lowest score.

A viewer review said, “This season has been terrible. It’s like they handed it off to a completely different team to continue the show. The magic is gone.”

Another added, “They gayed it up in a trollish way. They either stopped caring or they prefer the lolz over quality.”

The Boys scores a solid critic rating

Despite the awful audience reviews, the show has received a solid critical score from 73 reviews, at 94%. While the score is lower than the last two seasons, it is still better than the tepid audience reception.

Daily Beast said, “As sharp as anything on television—not to mention as outrageous as ever, its satire infused with trademark X-rated explicitness.”

CNN added, “The series might have lost some of its freshness but not its ability to surprise and provoke, peeling back its mask a little further to issue a warning about the danger of brightly colored fascism.”

As new episodes drop on Amazon, the audience score can increase in the following weeks.

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