Stranger Things Maker Hints At A Spin-Off
A Millie Bobby Brown Spin-Off For Eleven From Stranger Things Was Speculated In The Recent Past(Photo Credit: Imdb)

With Stranger Things 4 moving swiftly towards releasing on Netflix now after facing multiple hurdles for a year, and the makers confirming that know when and how the show ends, fans have been wanting to know what the future holds for the show. Of course how many more seasons to the Millie Bobby Brown starrer is a big question, but what next after the main storyline ends is a bigger one. Ted Sarandos, the co-CEO at Netflix has decided to tease his audience now by leaving them on a cliff-hanger.

While we speak, someone on the Stranger Things 4 team is working relentlessly to bring to us the new season that has been due for the longest amongst all the 4. The makers over the year have dropped teaser after teaser to keep the excitement on. Now Ted Sarandos has chosen a different path to keep the buzz going stronger and turns out he is hinting at a possible spin-off. Read on to know everything you should about the same.



Stranger Things 4 is one of the most precious crown jewel for Netflix. There is no way they will stop juicing it out when the main storyline ends. Looking at the strong performance of the third season and the anticipation for the fourth, Ted Sarandos talking to Deadline said, “Franchises are good, but what you want are hits.” He added, “a franchise being born,” Sarandos said, and hinted at “spinoffs.”

For the longest time there has been speculation that Millie Bobby Brown is getting a special spin-off for Eleven in the Stranger Things universe. Probably the Netflix head honcho is hinting at that and it is the closest fruit to pluck at this moment. Brown has become a massive star and a clever producer the last couple of years.

“I hope she finds who she is, without a boy, a male influence in her life,” Brown said of Eleven in Season 4 in an interview with Elle Magazine. “There’s Mike and Papa and Hopper and all the boys really. Even without Max, she needs to find herself by herself. Everyone needs that moment in life to sit there and think, ‘Who am I as a person, who am I without everyone around me? How can I really love myself?’ I don’t know if she knows how to do that yet. So I would like an arc for Eleven to learn how to love herself and learn who she is, which is hard in the circumstances she’s in. I think that she needs a little self journey.”

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