Netflix Says Discussion About Squid Game 2 Are Still On Despite The Sequel Not Being Confirmed
Here’s What Netflix Has To Say About The Discussions Surrounding Squid Game Season 2 ( Photo Credit – Squid Game Poster )

The Korean drama Squid Game created waves upon its release on Netflix and hence it shouldn’t be shocking that viewers are anticipating a season 2. Created by Dong-hyuk, it took the maker nearly ten years to bring the survival drama to the masses, and now they want more.


The Korean drama has seeped into pop culture making its way to SNL send-ups, viral parodic YouTube knock-offs and even recreations of the game. Now, even though a sequel hasn’t been confirmed by Netflix, there’s a lot of discussions going around about it.


As reported by Screenrant, fans of Squid Game want to know if Netflix will be back with a second season of the battle royale-style storytelling mayhem as recently creator Dong-hyuk was quoted – and saying with certainty – that there will be a second season soon. But guess they will have to wait a while longer to see exactly what’s in store for this probable Squid Game season 2.

For the unversed, in a recent interview – as reported by Vulture – Squid Game creator Dong-hyuk, said, “I have somewhat of a framework for the next season. But I also have to admit that I feel increasingly more pressure about season two as the series has gotten so much more love and attention than I could have expected. I also have a film I’ve been planning to shoot after Squid Game, and I haven’t made up my mind about which one I should do first.”

While in the interview the creator said he has a framework in mind and thinks season 2 is coming, discussions about it have begun. While interacting with Vulture, Netflix stated that Squid Game season 2 is not yet confirmed but discussions do remain ongoing.

Guess everyone has to wait a tad bit longer to know more about a sequel

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