Shaheer Sheikh: Driving A Car In Mountains Is More Challenging Than Acting
Shaheer Sheikh On Shooting Yatri Kripya Dhyan De In The Mountains: “I Can Say In The Film I Proved My Driving Skill More Than My Acting Skill” (Photo Credit – IANS)

Actor Shaheer Sheikh who appears in the latest released short film ‘Yatri Kripya Dhyan De’, says as his character is on a self-drive road trip, it was more challenging for him to drive the car through those hill roads than acting.

In the film, he plays a young man Sumit, who is driving home in his new car and how he encountered a supernatural situation when he meets Nandita whom he met on the road.



Shaheer Sheikh told IANS, “We shot the film in Munnar, it is a beautiful hill station in Kerala. It has its own charming vibe of early morning misty visuals that looks wonderful on-screen. But driving in the mist is not easy. Since the story is about a conversation between two characters Sumit and Nandita, and I was supposed to drive the car, for me that was more challenging than acting!”

“I can say in the film I proved my driving skill more than my acting skill,” Shaheer Sheikh laughed.

Created by Big Banner Films, directed by Abhinav Singh, the film also features Shweta Basu Prasad. Shaheer admits that the core of the film was the interaction and therefore matching the energy level of his co-actor was very important to deliver.

Adding to that Shweta said, “There is a point just before the climax, two characters get into a heated argument and that was such a crucial scene that without the support of Shaheer it wasn’t possible. Usually, in thrillers, female characters are stereotyped especially if she is a mystery lady. But my character in the film is really well-written.”

The film ‘Yatri Kripya Dhyan De’ is streaming on Amazon miniTV.

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