'Sex And The City' Star To Voice Docu Series On Uranium Poisoning In Jharkhand
Cynthia Nixon, Is The Narrator Of The Documentary Which Records How Children Are Falling Ill & Dying From Radioactive Waste Pollution(Photo Credit: Instagram)

New York City-based telecommunications executive-turned-filmmaker Saurav Vishnu’s award-winning short, ‘Tailing Pond’, which exposes the horrific effects of uranium extraction on the children of Jadugora, Jharkhand, is being expanded into a six-part documentary series with the involvement of ‘Sex and The City’ actor Cynthia Nixon.

Nixon, who played Miranda Hobbes both in the HBO series ‘Sex and The City’ and the two films based on it, is the narrator of the documentary short, which records how children are falling ill and dying from radioactive waste pollution, reports ‘Variety’. The film was shot in Jadugora over five years.



Cynthia Nixon is known for her roles in both popular and critically acclaimed movies such as ‘Baby’s Day Out’, ‘Amadeus’, ‘James White’ and ‘A Quiet Passion’, where she played the poet Emily Dickinson, as well as Broadway shows and television serials, where she has appeared as Eleanor Roosevelt and Nancy Reagan. She is also a well-known LGBT rights activist.

The proposed six-part documentary series, of which Cynthia Nixon will be a very important part, will follow 12 families in Jadugora who are suffering because of radioactive poisoning.

Tailing ponds are water bodies that store ‘tailings’, or unusable extracts from mining operations which are usually highly toxic or radioactive. There are nine such ponds in Jadugora filled with ‘tailings’ from a nearby uranium mining facility with hundreds of families living around it. Vishnu, who is from Jharkhand, has made it his mission to bring the plight of the villagers to the attention of India and the world, adds ‘Variety’ in its report.

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