Scam 1992 Fame Pratik Gandhi Reacts To Abijit Ganguly's Crazy Idea Of Him Playing Real Madrid's Florentino Pérez
Scam 1992 Fame Pratik Gandhi Reacts To Him Playing Real Madrid’s Florentino Pérez In ‘Scam 2021′(Pic Credit: Movie Still, Wikipedia)

Actor Pratik Gandhi became an overnight star after his web series Scam 1992 became a superhit. Not only did the web series receive positive reviews, his performance as Harshad Mehta was also well appreciated. A comedian suggested a role for the actor and this is how reacted to it.


Recently, well-known comedian Abijit Ganguly took to Twitter and jokingly suggested the actor play the President of the Real Madrid Baloncesto, Florentino Pérez in Scam 2021. The 40-year-old actor reacted to the hilarious suggestion made by the comedian.

Abijit Ganguly tweeted, “Here’s a thought. Pratik Gandhi as Florentino Perez – Scam 2021,” the actor soon replied to the tweet, “That will be interesting and challenging too.” Take a look at the conversation below:


Meanwhile, Pratik Gandhi opened up about his struggle to find success in his acting career before making it big with Scam 1992. He also said how he falls in love with acting. Speaking to Humans of Bombay, the actor said, “I was in the 4th grade when I first performed on stage. It was just a 5-minute skit, but the thundering claps I received stayed with me. That’s when my tryst with acting began–soon, my teachers cast me in more plays. But we were middle class; Papa was supportive but he’d say, ‘Pehle degree lo, phir jo karna hai karo.’ So I opted for engineering. Still, I’d do small plays–ishq toh acting se hi tha.”

Pratik Gandhi also spoke about his struggling days in Mumbai. He said, “After graduating, I moved to Bombay–for 4 years I worked on a project basis so that I could act. But there’d be months with no income. So, I did odd jobs like installing TV towers and anchoring. But then the 2006 Surat floods took our home. My family came to Bombay & the 4 of us stayed in a 1RK; after I got married, 5 of us were in that tiny space. So I took up a full-time job. Still, I’d rehearse for 2 hours before work & after, I’d do plays. I did this for 6 years.”

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