'MTV Roadies' contestants forced to put all eggs in one basket - literally - in next task
‘MTV Roadies’ contestants forced to put all eggs in one basket – literally – in next task(Photo Credit: Youtube)

As the insiders still struggle to decode the new task, contestants have been now forced on the timer running around in the dirt while having to put their eggs in one basket, quite literally on the reality show ‘MTV Roadies: Karm Ya Kaand’.

While the next task is yet to be revealed behind a mysterious object, the current task will see contestants running around finding hidden in the sand and putting them in a basket before time runs out.

As such, we see MTV Roadies: Karm Ya Kaand contestants from every Gang running around like maniacs trying to find eggs hidden inside various sand mounds which all look the same, making the eggs very difficult to find.

The rules are simple enough, each MTV Roadies: Karm Ya Kaand contestant has to find eggs within the sand mounds, put them in each Gang’s respective baskets and the one who gathers the highest amount of eggs before the time runs out wins.

But this is easier said than done, because firstly in the blazing heat, the contestants will have to run without stopping which will be exhausting.

Then as they run around and dig around for the eggs, there is the innate danger of them crushing the eggs by accidently stepping on a mound, or dropping it, or accidently crushing it.

Gang Leaders will lay in the back and chill while Sonu Sood while specially calling Digvijay, Aashika, Vishu, Prakram for their performance in not breaking the eggs, though the rest won’t be that lucky as several eggs will get crushed.

Penalty is also simple, you find the egg and put it in your team’s basket, but any kind of egg crushing even if that is accidently dropping the egg too hard on the other eggs will count as a loss.

Plus, if you have broken even more eggs inside the basket or in your own hand, then not only will it be yet another loss, but the MTV Roadies: Karm Ya Kaand contestants will have to smash the eggs on their heads and make their own omelets.

This episode, contestants it seems will quite literally be making omelets without breaking any bread. ‘MTV Roadies: Karm Ya Kaand’ airs on MTV and JioCinema.

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