Rapper Raja Kumari Takes You In A Trance Mode With New Song SHANTI!
Rapper Raja Kumari Takes You In A Trance Mode With New Song SHANTI! (Pic credit – Getty Images / Raja Kumari )

Grammy-nominated Indian-American rapper and songwriter Raja Kumari has released her first all Hindi track, titled Shanti. She dedicates the song to the people of her motherland.

“Shanti” is the Hindi version of her previous English track “Peace”, originally co-written by Raja Kumari and her long-time collaborator Elvis Brown. The new Hindi version has been penned by Charan.

“When I first released ‘Peace’ in July 2020, I felt the world needed to hear me speak in a different vibration. The song is written as an affirmation for good vibes, positive energy, and the removal of toxicity in your life,” said Raja Kumari.

Raja Kumari further added, “As the song grew among my fans, I realised its power and how it connected us all. It inspired me to go deeper within myself, and do something I have never done before. ‘Shanti’, the Hindi version of ‘Peace’, is my first song completely sung in Hindi and I dedicate it to my motherland and all my fans around the world. I hope you enjoy the song as much as I enjoyed making it for you.”

Reflecting on her personal transition over the past few months, the rapper-songwriter said: “In the music industry, you can get swept up in a lot of the devils that can accompany levels of celebrity, and I’ve found peace in meditation, yoga, sound healing, and more. I was chasing ‘the good life’ in ways that weren’t deeply fulfilling; they were only surface level.”

“After some personal reflection and growth in the last few months, I’ve learnt how to find internal peace in ways that help me, and not by trying to please everyone around me. I’m spending more time with nature and enjoy the rhythm and timing of it, which has influenced my music and brought new inspiration to my art. I’ve become vegan and started studying astrology. I’ve been practicing meditation and learning the power of breathwork and how proper breathing can have such an effect on your outlook,” Kumari added.

The rapper also shared that through her “Peace Project” she wants “to help inspire people to find their own path to a good life”.

“Life can be enjoyable when you manifest. People can re-connect by self-care — conscious cooking, meditation, and nature bathing. This time doesn’t have to be darkness — it can be a time of great inspiration and renaissance for us all,” Raja Kumari added.

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