The 'OG' Wednesday Addams Played By Christina Ricci Joins Jenna Ortega's Web Series As This Character, Making It A Multiverse?
Is ‘Wednesday’ Series Getting A Multiverse Angle?(Photo Credit –Still From Show)

Ever since Tim Burton’s directorial Wednesday, a web series starring Jenna Ortega started streaming on Netflix, the show has been picked up more than many web series in recent times. It’s creating a buzz across the world, and people have been making reels, videos, memes, and whatnot using the music and scenes from the series. Jenna Ortega’s performance has been profusely appreciated, and the series is trending everywhere. However, did you ever think about where you have seen Ms. Thornhill before? Scroll below to find our crazy theory!

Jenna Ortega’s ‘Wednesday’ is breaking every record possible. It has been trending on Netflix and on our social media platforms. Every now and then, we can see a Wednesday-inspired makeup tutorial or scene edits, or even the ‘viral dance’ moves. However, do you remember the OG Wednesday Addams from the 1990’s film The Addams Family?



Let me clear the air, the OG Wednesday Addams from the 1990’s feature film The Addams Family was portrayed by a young Christina Ricci. Now, the 42-year-old actress returned to the Wednesday franchise, but as Ms. Thornhill (Spoiler Alert: The subtle villainous character, you can never imagine). Well, this made us think about whether Wednesday has returned from another universe as Ms. Thornhill to attack this universe’s Wednesday (played by Jenna Ortega), creating a multiverse? What do you think? Hey, don’t blame me, this can be an effect of watching too many Marvel movies. Lol!

But just think about it if this becomes a multiverse, what all can happen then!

Here’s how the netizens reacted after realising that Christina Ricci, who played Ms. Thornhill in the Wednesday series, was the OG Wednesday. They took Twitter by storm and shared memes like:

What are your thoughts about our absolutely crazy theory? Creativity has no boundaries! Let us know in the comments!

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