MTV Roadies Season 19: Karm Ya Kaand's Recent Vote Out & Khoon Bhari Gang Task Brings A 360 Degree Change In The Dynamics Of The Game
MTV Roadies Season 19: Karm Ya Kaand’s Recent Vote Out & Khoon Bhari Gang Task Brings A 360 Degree Change ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

The gang leaders and Sonu Sood at MTV ‘Roadies’ tested the loyalties of the new gang members, after Sonu Sood dissolved the old gangs, in the last task. Now, Sonu Sood announces the new vote-outs, bringing forth a new turn in old friendships.

The last episode saw the members from all three gangs participating in a Kendo battle, which was titled ‘Khoon Bhari Gang’.

The end result was a very close shave between Joginder from the Gautam gang and Rishabh from the Rhea gang. The latter was able to beat out his competition by a very narrow margin, making him the victor, putting Rhea’s gang in the lead as they earned three immunities, meaning that most of Rhea’s gang is now immune to a vote-out for three turns.

The development brought to life the true colours of the switched contestants and saw a new problem come, testing the loyalty of contestants with their new gangs, while assessing whether they were still stuck in the past, with the memories of their old gangs.

Due to high adversity and rivalry in the face of old friends, stress has now spread like wildfire through campsite, with Priyanka, now part of the Prince gang, calling Rishabh a ‘crybaby’ because of him complaining during the task with Rishabh defending himself, with the whole scenario escalating into a huge fight.

Piyu and Pallavi who were earlier in the same gang and the best of friends also end up getting dragged into a heated argument, with gang leader Prince confronting Vashu, who broke his promise of being team player for his new gang.

All in all, thanks to the gang dissolution, the entire game has now turned upside down on its head, flipping over like a chess board with old friendships taking a bitter turn, and the old alliances being rendered redundant.

Now, all the ‘Roadies’ contestants have reached the vote-out grounds, where Sonu Sood ends up shocking everyone by announcing that there are now going to be five vote-outs this time, leaving everyone worried including the leaders.

The Karm-maker of the show, Sonu Sood often ends up with his own devices, only to reveal his machinations at the last moment, catching everyone unaware during their worst time.

As such, the value of immunities which was considerable to begin with, has increased even more, with one immunity amounting to over 3000 Roadiums.

This revelation is a shock to everyone, and Gautam, lamenting the new change, said: “Paanch Roadies yaar guys (5 Roadies, come on guys). I wish I had some more Roadiums.”

But that is not the end-all-be-all of it as things are getting only more interesting, because now every Roadie will have to cast two votes, each of which must be from different gangs.

These votes reveal who is loyal to their gang and who is not, all of this being part of the new loyalty test. With hushed conversations, whispers packing discretion regarding alliances, Rhea ends up denying any new alliance, affirming by saying “Koi alliance nahi hai”.

The five contestants with the most votes will be eliminated, with the one contestant possessing the highest votes packing their bags. Shocked at the end result, Rhea asked Sonu Sood, “Itne saare logo ko ek saath nikalna zaruri hai kya?” (Is it really necessary to eliminate so many people at once?)

Hearing her plea, Sonu Sood ends up giving an ultimatum, either save one member each with 2000 Roadiums, or go home.

‘MTV Roadies – Karm ya Kaand’ airs on Saturday and Sunday on MTV and Jio Cinema right after.

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