Lucifer Twitter Review: Fans Can't Get Enough Of 'Devil' Tom Ellis' Steamy Scenes With Lauren German AKA Chloe!
Lucifer Twitter Review: Fans Can’t Get Enough Of ‘Devil’ Tom Ellis’ Steamy Scenes With Lauren German AKA Chloe!

Lucifer Season 5 released on Netflix yesterday and the excitement among the fans was palpable. With fans waiting for weeks now for this season to release, the social media platforms went berserk with meme fests a day before and after the unveiling of the show.


Meanwhile, Koimoi too has given a positive review to the show. Excerpts from our review read, “No words can suffice what a brilliant act Tom Ellis has put up this season. Lauren German is also terrific throughout. She is the most sorted, sophisticated and matured character in this season; despite all the mess in her life. The chemistry between Tom Ellis and Lauren German in Lucifer 5 is adorable, messy, hot and sensual.


And Koimoi isn’t the only one who thinks that way. We pulled up some reactions of the fans from Twitter and the feelings are certainly mutual AF for Lucifer Season 5. Take a look at some reactions here:

What makes Lucifer season 5 so interesting is Tom Ellis’ twin brother’s character of Michael taking Tom’s place in front of all his friends and family.

The initial reviews of the show are all encouraging, and we insist that you watch it as soon as possible if you haven’t already.

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