Loki Season 2: Dying Marvel Fan From Cancer Requests Makers To Have Her Even For 3 Seconds In The Show – Read On
Loki Season 2: Dying Marvel Fan From Cancer Requests Makers To Have Her Even For 3 Seconds In The Show ( Photo Credit – A Still From Loki )

Time and again we have witnessed fans doing bizarre things for their favourite celebrity to grab their attention. At some point, we have seen a few fans even taking a drastic step and ending their lives after being disappointed. However, in the latest development what has grabbed everyone’s attention is a fan’s unusual request to the makers of her favourite franchise. A die-hard Marvel fan has asked the makers to cast her for this reason.


A Reddit user took to the portal and penned a long note asking the Loki 2 makers to cast her and it is her dying wish.


Loki 2 starring Tom Hiddleston fan who is suffering from stage 4 cancer, has asked makers to have her poster or photoshop her face onto someone to make her presence felt in the series. The note on Reddit reads. “My request was unusual, and I’m used to being judged and laughed at, so I was hesitant to give details, which now I’m dying I realise is stupid. Being judged as weird is nothing in comparison to what else is going on in my life. Anyway, I want to be a poster (or similar, a hologram, or painting or something) hanging in the background of a Loki TV series shot.”

Dying Woman’s Unusual Request for Marvel from marvelstudios

“It’s not about being an actor or an extra, it’s about becoming, in some small way, a part of something I have loved for years. My poster may only be on screen for 3 seconds or something ridiculous, but it’s there and it’s there forever, while I won’t be. It just makes me smile to think of my friends looking out for my poster when they watch. Doesn’t even have to be me, I’m not looking for a free photoshoot, just my face photoshopped onto someone else would be fine,” wrote the Loki fan further.

I have stage 4 terminal cancer, have been a Marvel fan since the early 90s, and I have a request for Marvel from marvelstudios

“What the poster is for can be anything, I’m not fussy. Like I said, I’d just like to become a tiny, indelible part of something I love. If anyone could help pass along my request to the powers that be, I’d be very grateful,” added the fan.

Well, this is not the first time she has penned the note on Reddit. 4 months ago, she opened up about it for the first time and revealed that she has stage 4 terminal cancer and has been a Marvel fan since the 90s.

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