I'm An Actor First, The Platform Will Always Be Secondary: Kanica Maheshwari
Kanica Maheshwari: “I Don’t Want To Be Typecast…(Photo Credit – Instagram / Kanica Maheshwari )

2020 has been a challenging year sparing no one, but the year-end sure brought in a big surprise for actress Kanica Maheshwari who woke up one day to the news of her digital debut. Kanica’s critically acclaimed short film which went on to win awards across globes, will see a worldwide release on an OTT platform this weekend.


Actress & a mother, who became a household name, popular for her character Meenakshi in one of the hit shows Diya Aur Baati Hum, Kanica proudly joins her the list of her peers who made it to the world of web this year.


Kanica has had an interesting body of work in some of the biggest television shows but it was her negative character which won her accolades & put her on the top of her game. Unlike most grey characters portrayed in daily soaps, Kanica took the unconventional route & her sense of humor n mischief is what made her stand out.

Unlike most TV actors who now are eyeing on either Bollywood or moreso the web space, Kanica is content & is willing to wait for the right time irrespective of the medium of entertainment, she shares, ‘I’m on cloud 9 as I hadn’t expected for the short film to premier on a digital platform & be able to reach the masses on a global level. Having said that, I’ll not let it get to me. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of the world where everyone is headed & aspire to be but television is something I’ll always cherish. But I’m waiting for something challenging after all that I’ve already done all these years. I feel grateful for having played Meenakshi, at events or public places, it’s nice to have someone walk up to me & call me Meenakshi. I love the adulation but it’s time I get to do something bigger that people forget Meenakshi & rather remember Kanica Maheshwari.’

‘I’d really love that. I don’t want to be typecast, by typecast, I’m not trying to put out there, that I can’t do sarees or over the top make-up or jewelry, but it is the basic nature of the role, how progressive or powerful it is, does it add some value to the show and the audience watching it. All of it is important, ‘ she further adds.

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