"I want to thank Farah Maam for scolding me, because of her, I'm here today", says judge Geeta Kapur on 'India's Best Dancer Season 3'
“I want to thank Farah Maam for scolding me, because of her, I’m here today”, says judge Geeta Kapur on ‘India’s Best Dancer Season 3’ ( Photo Credit – Show Still )

This weekend, Sony Entertainment Television’s homegrown dance reality show, ‘India’s Best Dancer 3’ will see the contestants strive to emerge victorious in the ‘Best Ka Double Test’ on Saturday and face off with their phenomenal dance moves in the ‘Best Ka Battle’ on Sunday’. Combinations of two or three contestants along with their choreographers will have to perform together to win the hearts (and marks) of the E.E.N.T specialists – judges Sonali Bendre, Geeta Kapur & Terence Lewis. Taking the ‘Best ka Double Test’ challenge head-on would be “best friends” Norbu and Sushmita. The duo, along with choreographers Tushar Shetty and Subhranil Paul, will leave you awed with their performance on the superhit song ‘Taal Se Taal Mila’ .

Judge Geeta Kapur, who would be impressed by the act, would compliment the duo, saying, “I want the sound system that you guys use because if you perform this way, I feel like I am listening to this song for the first time. The way you catch the beats, and the instrumentation, it feels like an orchestral piece that goes on continuously. What an amalgamation of styles! Tushar and Subhranil did an outstanding job. If it were in my hands, I would have given you guys individual scores. I would have pressed the buzzer four times if it were possible.”

Judge Terence Lewis will also go on stage and crown each of the four dancers, saying, “Rahman Sahab had one quality as a musician: he brought a revolution in the music industry because of the sound he creates; nobody has done that, especially for music. The way he used to do instrumentation, the orchestration, and his uniqueness was the foley sounds, which means the background sounds that we hear in our real lives that he used to include in his songs. It was very interesting. Today in the Best Ka Double Test, the song you chose justified every beat of the music. We couldn’t just hear it, but we could see it. I have to say, I loved it. The way you used the stage, I liked it. I want to give you guys a crown”.

Mesmerized by their performance, Sonali Bendre would also share, “Your expressions are imprinted on my brain. The way Tushar and Shubranil made both Norbu and Sushmita shine throughout the choreography. I could appreciate each of your styles in the dance act. Norbu and Sushmita, you worked hard, and your chemistry was visible. Four hearts to you.”

On receiving her first ‘big 10’ as a score, Sushmita would get emotional and say, “I worked hard for this; it was a new style, and I didn’t know if I’d be able to do it.”. Norbu and Sushmita will also narrate how they worked hard for this performance, and were even scolded by Tushar and Subhranil along the way.

Listening to their conversation, Geeta Kapur will be reminded of her dance guru, Farah Khan, and she shared “If gurus scold you, it’s for you because they want you to shine, and this is what you get in return. Even I have been scolded a lot, I wouldn’t have been here if Farah ma’am had not yelled at me. I want to thank Farah Maam for scolding me, because of her, I’m here today.”

Tune in to watch Norbu and Sushmita’s performance on ‘Best Ka Double Test’ in India’s Best Dancer 3, this weekend, at 8 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television!

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