Hina Khan On 'Humko Tum Mil Gaye': "Just Finished Naagin & This Came Along"
Hina Khan On ‘Humko Tum Mil Gaye’: “Just Finished Naagin & This Came Along” (Pic credit – Hina Khan/ Instagram )

Actress & fashionista Hina Khan is soon becoming the most sought after face in the music scene in India featuring in videos in different avatars.


The actress shot for a dreamy & fairytale sequence with her Naagin co-star Dheeraj Dhopar amidst the pandemic & it is going to be treated for the fans of two of the most followed stars on social media to come together. What is interesting is to watch the actors who’ve played diametrically opposite roles in their last outing come together to romance in the upcoming song.


In times when casting directors often find it feasible to pick the hit lead pairs to do romantic numbers, Hina Khan talks about being paired opposite the villain in her show & shares her excitement, ‘The best part was that the music producers wanted to cast on the basis of our chemistry, despite me playing the protagonist in Naagin & Dheeraj has a grey shade as the antagonist but we have a twisted attraction between the two of us which they liked & we’re leaning towards. We just finished Naagin & this came along so it was exciting.’

Talking about shooting during a pandemic Hina Khan said, ‘Though like everyone else I was aware of the precautions to be taken but was also nervous for the virus has been looming over our heads & the end doesn’t look insight. So the show must go on. We took all the necessary precautions & shot it. Also, I’m glad as a video shoot creates an opportunity many wage earners & it can keep their lights running.’

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