'Inheritance can grant privileges, but capability is paramount', says Gurdeep Punjj
‘Inheritance can grant privileges, but capability is paramount’, says Gurdeep Punjj ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Actress Gurdeep Punjj, who essays the role of Bhoomi Premraj Mahajan in the television show ‘Vanshaj’, feels that inheritance may come with privileges, but capability stands supreme when it comes to building a legacy spanning generations.

‘Vanshaj’ delves into the dynamics of a legacy business empire. At the heart of the show lies a powerful family navigating through the delicate web of relationships as it sheds light on cut-throat politics and power struggles.

Gurdeep Punjj, who is set to make her comeback on television with the show, shared her views on the debate between inheritance and capabilities.

Gurdeep Punjj told IANS, “Capability is paramount, without a doubt! Inheritance may grant you certain privileges, but without the capability to carry them forward, it is sure to crumble. Building an empire is not limited to just one generation; it is a legacy meant to span generations to come. Therefore, only the most capable individuals should be entrusted with the responsibility of advancing it, and this understanding should prevail within the family, free from ego.”

She further mentioned, “However, in reality, family dynamics often complicate matters, as the natural human instinct drives us to favour our own offspring as the rightful heirs to the throne. Hence, such disputes are bound to arise. Ultimately, it is a game where the victor claims the throne.

Talking about the inspiration behind the role, the actress shared that Gurdeep Punjj finds inspiration from a gamut of strong women in her life.

Gurdeep Punjj said, “I find inspiration for Bhoomi from the strong women in my life. As a mother, I naturally possess the strength to face challenges head-on. The instinct to protect our children is deeply ingrained in human nature, and this instinct will be beautifully explored as Bhoomi fiercely safeguards Yuvika on the show. It’s a journey that reflects my personal experiences and brings a unique depth to Bhoomi’s character”.

‘Vanshaj’ premieres on June 12 on Sony SAB.

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