Game Of Thrones Trivia #20: Throwback To When Game Of Thrones Star Maisie Williams Revealed That The Queen Did Not Like The Show
Game Of Thrones Trivia #20: Remember When Game Of Thrones Fame Maisie Williams States That Queen Elizabeth II Was Not A Fan Of The Show ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia ; Still )

Game Of Thrones Trivia #20: Game of Thrones is a popular web series that enjoys a huge fan following across the globe. The series is based on a book titled A Song Of Ice And Fire, written by George RR Martin. It has eight seasons and the most appealing part of these eight sequences has to be the unpredictability factor in them. Every episode ends on a high note, leaving the viewers guessing with endless fan theories and possibilities. Every actor associated with the series, including names like Maisie Williams, Kit Harington, Sophie Turner, amongst others, gained enormous popularity after the success of the show.

There has been a part of the audience which has always held the show in low regard mainly due to its unfiltered content. Some people argue that the show has unnecessary blood-shed and nudity while others believe that is the essence of the show. However, most people agree that GOT set a landmark for TV content and is still considered one of the most-followed television shows ever.

In a previous interaction with the media, Maisie Williams, popularly known by her character name Arya Stark, had spoken about the time she met Queen Elizabeth and got the idea that she is not a fan of their show. She said, “I did not get the impression she is a fan.”

Maisie Williams also shed some light on how she struggled to explain what she does on the show. She stated that she did not want to give her the gruesome details so she kept most of it vague. She said, “She said ‘What do you do?’ I was like ‘Oh this is awkward’ because she was on our set. I could not say ‘Oh I play this 12-year-old girl who stabs people in the throat’. It would not have been a great sentence opener with the Queen”

Maisie Williams further added, “I just said my character was the daughter of a lord and is a bit of a tom boy who likes to horse ride.”

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