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Game Of Thrones’ ‘Arya’ Maisie Williams On The Traumatic, Dark Relationship With Her Dad ( Photo Credit – Maisie Williams / Instagram )

Game Of Thrones happens to be one of the biggest shows ever created in the history of cinema. Not just the storyline but also the cast members including Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner became super popular post their stint in the show. In a recent interview, Williams who played the role of ‘Arya Stark’ on the show opened up on her traumatic relationship with her father and how she’s had struggled sleeping ever since she was a kid. Scroll below to read the scoop.

The British actress appeared on Steven Bartlett’s podcast titled ‘Diary of a CEO Podcast’ and revealed some spine-chilling details about her personal life. During the conversation, Williams revealed that she began her therapy and meditation to get to the root cause of her struggles while also revealing that it was one of her teachers at the school who identified the problem.

Maisie Williams told the host, “I had a traumatic relationship with my dad and ever since I can remember I have struggled sleeping. When I was about eight I was really struggling. It had met its peak and when I was at school I was taken by a teacher to the staff room. She asked me what had happened,” as reported by The Mirror.

Maisie Williams continued and said, “She asked me if I ate breakfast I said no, and asked if I did most mornings. I said no. They were asking the right questions. My mum came to school and picked me up. It was the first time that all of the doors were open and it was the first time things were on the table.”

The Game Of Thrones actor continued and said, “I still wanted to fight and say these things aren’t wrong, that you’re just trying to take me away from my dad.I was indoctrinated in a way. I think that’s why I’m obsessed with cults! My world flipped.”

In her conversation with the Dragons Den star, Maisie Williams also revealed the thought that mistreatment she faced has led to years of misery. Apart from all this,she went on to blame herself for the heartbreaking situation.

The GOT actress then said, “I’ve known how that feels and it’s hugely influenced, I get to access all of that confusion and pain in my job, and really feel it in every fibre of my being. It’s all pretend but the emotion is real, it all just came to the surface. To be honest, I have been thinking about this a lot – it’s not because of me that these bad things happened when I was a child.”

She concluded by saying, “I thought it was. I thought there was something inherently wrong with me, that it could be anyone experiencing the pain.It made me more interested in the guy. What could make you mistreat your own children? What happened to you as a kid? Did you pull the legs off bugs? Did you learn all this? That’s how I feel about him now. He would make a fascinating documentary.”

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