5 Underrated Game Of Throne Characters
Game Of Thrones Turns 10: Osha, Daario Naharis & Beric Dondarrion, 5 Most Underrated Characters In The Show (Photo Credit: IMDb)

Who would have thought a fantasy world would suck us to the extent that we would spend a significant part of 10 years waiting for more? It was this same period a decade ago when we were introduced to Westeros. To the lands where dragons once ruled, to the lands that house the greatest of the houses, to the land where sits the throne forged out of swords of the fallen soldier. It’s been 10 years since we were introduced to Game Of Thrones, you guys!

There is no way thy one could watch the pilot and instantly binge the second episode. The hooking nature of the George RR Martin created universe is why we loved it for years as the season after season released. Cersei became the most hated character, while we all pledged our honesty to Daenerys Targaryen. Jon Snow was the King In The North, and Arya Stark the most ruthless assassin we all fell in love with.

But while all these characters headlined the show primarily, Game Of Thrones housed more than 500 characters at least, and in them were also some whose stories had us asking for more. Remember Hodor’s Hold The Door tale? Well, every deserving secondary character wasn’t as lucky as Hodor to get a complete arc. So today, as GOT turns 10, we at Koimoi list down 5 underrated characters from Westeros and how we would have enjoyed watching more of them.


Apart from men being honest, and many deaths due to the lack of it is very much a part of the Game Of Thrones central plot, the creators have always taken special care in introducing a new female character. One of the most grey women was Osha, who entered as a wildling to fulfil her greed, but ended up staying back to protect the Starks. Her character deserved much recognition for saving the young Stark and sacrificing her life for Winterfell in a way.

Daario Naharis

Michiel Huisman’s Daario’s charm was enough to enthral anyone of the face of Earth. A sellsword who entered the Game Of Thrones as a threat to Daenerys Targaryen ended up being her love interest. While it was a trajectory people had just started investing in, Dany told him to wait as she would return, conquering Westeros. It breaks my heart, thinking Naharis must be still waiting for his dead lady love.

Meera Reed

Another woman with a rock-solid determination and power. If one remembers, Meera Reed and her brother Jojen (whom she had to protect all the time) had scaled a lot of distance just so they could pledge their alliance to Bran. Meera took crippled Bran and to the north of the wall, and it was a tough competition for anyone who came near the pack. While Hodor’s final moments were edged in history, Meera was no less than a hero in the sequence.


Daenerys Targaryen and her Dragons had the most privileged position in Game Of Thrones. But while Dragon had the prominence of their mother, and Viserion became the blue fire-spitting dragon to get his footage, poor Rhaegal never got the limelight that we wanted him to get. Poor chap had to die, so his mother got agitated and burned down his killers to ashes.

Beric Dondarrion

The most liberal of the characters on the show, Beric, had a mystery to him. Not in support of any kingdom, he walked with his Brotherhood Without Banners. There was enough to make him of the most pivotal parts. Here is a man who was resurrected over a dozen times, and no one knows by what power. He fights with a flaming sword, that is ignited by just a rub of his palm. There is too much to explore in him, but very little the showrunners decided to.

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