Chhavi Mittal Shares Post On Her Radiotherapy Treatment, Fitness Regime
Chhavi Mittal Shares Post On Her Radiotherapy Treatment, Fitness Regime(Pic Credit: Instagram)

TV actress Chhavi Mittal, who announced her breast cancer diagnosis last month on social media, has been sharing her journey of recovery with her fans.


Now, the actress has started radiotherapy and she took to her Instagram handle to share about the radiotherapy treatment she underwent.


Chhavi Mittal shared that the machine was not functioning properly and she had to wait for sometime. Also she mentioned the room was super chilled.

Chhavi Mittal wrote: “The first day of radiotherapy was eventful. The machine had a fault and while they fixed it I went to office till they called me back. The only discomfort I felt was that the room was super chilled and I was shivering! I could barely stay still!”

She further referred to her bandaged belly that can be seen in her picture and called them ‘beautiful markings’.

“These beautiful markings you see on my body are to ensure that the radiotherapy is directed towards the correct areas only. I have to keep these till the radiotherapy lasts (1 month),” Chhavi Mittal wrote.

Chhavi further added that she went to the gym too and has again started her fitness routine. “Today I went to the gym, now radiotherapy, and then I’ll head for my shoot.”

Later, she also shared how she is facing an issue in moving her arm and undertaking physiotherapy.

“I can finally move my arm enough to swim, but now I can’t swim for 2 months due to the chlorine exposure, not advisable during radiation…” Chhavi Mittal added.

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