#BoycottPavitraRishta2 Trends As Netizens Say Sushant Singh Rajput Is Irreplaceable
#BoycottPavitraRishta2 Trends As Sushant Singh Rajput Fans Slam Ankita Lokhande & Team(Photo Credit: Twitter/Facebook)

Since a while now, Pavitra Rishta 2 has left many viewers excited. It was soon after Sushant Singh Rajput passing away, that rumours of a new season began doing the rounds. Initially, it was being said that the show will be a tribute to SSR. But now it seems Ankita Lokhande and Shaheer Sheikh are coming up with a new story altogether. Fans aren’t happy about it all and have bombarded #BoycottPavitraRishta2 on Twitter.

It was just a day back when Ankita and Shaheer posed with a clapperboard as the shooting began. The actress is back with her portrayal as Archana but it is Sheikh who will be replacing Sushant as Manav. SSR fans are till date demanding the CBI verdict. With all of this happening, they’re left further disheartened.

Twitter, since today morning, has been flooded with Twitter demanding a boycott on Pavitra Rishta 2. Fans have shared their disappointment over replacing Sushant Singh Rajput in the show. Many have even drawn cross marks on the picture featuring Ankita Lokhande and Shaheer Sheikh as Manav and Archana.

A netizen wrote, “No one will be able to take Sushant’s place. @itsSSR Pavitra Rista serial was popular for Sushant, not for any Natunkita. OUR MANAV ONLY SUSHANT #BoycottBullywood #BoycottPavitraRishta2”

Another wrote, “Sushant started his career from Manav. He showed his real nature in his role. Please don’t make money on name of Sushant. @anky1912 @ektarkapoor #BoycottPavitraRishta2 Our Manav Only Sushant”

“Can you please tell us @ektarkapoor What’s the need of doing second season of this show”Pavitra Rishta”? As Sushant is not between us Did U really think anyone can able to replace Bhram mein ho toh baahar aa jao As we all will #BoycottPavitraRishta2 OUR MANAV ONLY SUSHANT,” question another.

Another tweet read, “Ekta Kapoor sd not hv started Pavitra Rishta, i mean its a cheap way to mk money & play wt ppl emotion. If PR2 was planned b4 SSR death then c cd understand but announcing PR2 after SSR death n replacing Manav is a bad decision Eyes On Law Minister 4 SSR #BoycottPavitraRishta2”

Check out some other tweets targeting Ankita Lokhande and Pavitra Rishta 2 team below:

Do you think it is fair to trend #BoycottPavitraRishta2?

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