Bigg Boss Weekend Ka Vaar has always been exciting and there are multiple reasons behind it. Starting from witnessing the king himself, Salman Khan to fun sessions like ‘Sultani Akhada’ and yes, last but not the least, the elimination. This week too saw all the above, in addition to Neha Pendse’s much awaited poll dancing and Bharti Singh making us laugh our ass off!

The episode started with the famous comedian Bharti, who’d come to promote upcoming show, India’s Got Talent. She hosted a real fun session, which included mocking Deepak for his baldness and hand gestures, a musical war between Deepak & Anup Jalota, Neha showing her sizzling poll dancing skills & Jasleen Mathur showcasing her sexy moves with her beloved Anup Ji acting as a poll. Something you really wouldn’t want to miss out on were Jalota’s expressions, we only have one word for it – HILARIOUS.

Bigg Boss Weekend Ka Vaar: Post Anup Jalota's Eviction, Jasleen Mathur Has Already Found Her New Love Interest!
Bigg Boss Weekend Ka Vaar: Post Anup Jalota’s Eviction, Jasleen Matharu Has Already Found Her New Love Interest?

Talking about the elimination, like the last week there was another twist in the story. According to the votes, surprisingly Anup – Jasleen’s Jodi were the ones who were supposed to be eliminated, but Salman Khan announced that if they wish, only one could stay in the house. A bizarre thing that happened was alike the audience, even Salman Khan noticed that even Karanvir & Dipika Kakar cried but there weren’t even crocodile tears in Jasleen’s eyes. However, they both came to a mutual conclusion that Jasleen would stay in the house, while Anup would leave.

Meanwhile, Jasleen cleared that she isn’t missing her love as she’s going to ‘meet’ him after the show. We did notice her crying on Shivashish’s shoulder and later Shiv changing her clothes infront of her, and she seemed absolutely comfortable until Sreesanth pointed it out. Deepak in a later conversation was also heard speaking about Jasleen’s question to Romil about whether she will get a part of the property if she’s in a live-in relation with her partner.

As revealed in the end, Anup Jalota has been sent to the secret room, and with highlights to Jasleen & Shiv’s closeness in the upcoming episodes, there’s going to be a lot of sparks – not just of love but jealousy, fights and probably a break up.

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