Bigg Boss 14: Sonali Phogat Opens Up About Rakhi Sawant Liking Abhinav Shukla, Says: “Rubina Dilaik Ko Rokhna Tha Toh Pehle Hi Rohkna Chahiye Tha”
Bigg Boss 14: Sonali Phogat Gets Candid About Rubina Dilaik Targeting Rakhi Sawant For Going After Abhinav Shukla (Photo Credit – Abhinav Shukla/Rakhi Sawant Instagram/Sonali Phogat/Facebook)

If you are an ardent follower of Colors’ Bigg Boss 14 – or just surf the internet – you will know that Rakhi Sawant has been showcasing her crazy love for Abhinav Shukla on national television. During a conversation with us, recently evicted contestant, Sonali Phogat opened up about Rubina Dilaik’s reaction to it.


While talking about the equation between the three, she also spoke of Rakhi’s friendship with Rahul Vaidya. Read it all below.


When asked if she is following the show post leaving the house, Sonali Phogat said, “Haa kar rahi hu. Dekh rahi hu. (I am following it.)” She added that she is missing the house now and while watching the latest episodes, she imagines what she would be doing if she was still there. She also said that she is missing some of the other Bigg Boss 14 contestants like RAHUL Vaidya, Rakhi Sawant, Eijaz Khan and other.

On being asked about her views on Rakhi Sawant’s behaviour towards Abhinav Shukla, Sonali Phogat said, “Rakhi toh saaf saaf kheti hai ki yeh mere game ka hissa hai. Abhinav ke pass joh mai kar rahi hu, mere game ka hissa hai. Mai wohi jar sakti hu, karti hai. Kahi kahi rakhi ko apmanit hona padta hai inn cheejo ko leke. (Rakhi Sawant is vocal that it is all part of her game plan. What every she does with Abhinav Shukla is her game and she is doing it. At times, she is even insulted because of it.”

Sonali Phogat continued, “Ab rubina ji ne jyada hi unko target karke rahka hai. Agar Rubinaji ko rokhna tha toh pehle hi rohkna chahiye tha.Pehle nahi rokha kyuki pehle pata tha ki Abhinav ko use kahi na kahi isse publicity mil rahi thi aur mili bhi Abhnavji ko. Abhnavji Limelight mai aaye toh Rakhi ke waje se. (Now Rubina Dilaik has targeted her because of it. If Rubina wanted to stop it she should have done so earlier inlu. She knew earlier that Abhinav was getting publicity because of Rakhi. In fact, Abhinav came in the limelight because of her only)”

Adding further, Rakhi Sawant said, “Ab dusra, agar ab uske lag raha ki limit cross ho chuki hai – naam lik diya, aise kaise lik sakti hai – toh who itna dhuki hua aur Abhinav ko kaha ki aap hasaoge nahi aur aap react nahi karoge toh Abhinav ne waise hi kiye jaise unke patni ne kaha. Toh Rakhi beechari hurt ho rahi thi kahi na kahi. Woh uske (Abhinav) liye aisa aisa karti hai aur ab Rubina ne Rakhi ke peeche le liya. (Rubina Dilaik thinks Rakhi Sawant is crossing a line by writing Abhinav Shukla’s name and told him not to talk or react to her. Because of this Rakhi is hurt. She does so much for Abhinav and now Rubina is behind her only)”

Recalling that earlier too Rakhi and Abhinav washed the utensils together, Sonali asks what’s the problems now. She said, “Ab mirchi kyu lag rahi rubina ko? (Why is she getting jealous now?)”

Talking about Rakhi Sawan’t budding friendship with Rahul Vaidya, Sonali Phogat said, “Muje pehle hi lagta tha ki Rahul ke saath (rakhi ka rehna) aacha rehega. (I always thought Rakhi would be better with Rahul.)” Recalling she had blessed them by saying “tumhari dosti bani rahe (may your friendship last forever)” Sonali added that she told them to be together as they could entertain the audience as one cause they are both at the top of their game.

Sonali Phogat continued, “Maine (Rakhi ko) kaha ki Rahul hi theek hai aapke liye. Rahul majazkiya bhi hai aur aage se react bhi karta hai agar aap bolte hai. Abhinav toh bolta hi nahi karta, Abhinav aapko jawaab bhi nahi deta. Rakhi ne kaha ki Abhinav theek hai. Toh Abhinav ko chuna unhone aur Rahul ko chodiya tha. Ab wapas rahul ke pass aayi hai woh, toh theek hai mere khayal se. Aacha hai dosti ki dosti hai. (I told Rakhi Sawant that Rahul is the best option for her. He is funny and reacts to her statements while Abhinav Shukla hardly speaks and reacts to here. But she yet liked ABhinav and aligned with him. Now she is back with Rahul, so I think it is good.)”

What are your thoughts on Rakhi Sawant’s behaviour in the Bigg Boss 14 house? Also, do you agree with Sonali Phogat’s deductions? Let us know in the comments.

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