Rakhi Sawant, queen of controversies, known for her blunt statements is back with a bang! While talking to the media at a function in Mumbai, she talked about her favourite show Bigg Boss 12, and the body part she wants to donate. As she is known to be bold and candid, it was ensured that media reporters were thoroughly entertained.

Rakhi Sawant said that this year’s season of Bigg Boss is amazing and wished if she could be a part of it. She also went onto predicting that Jasleen Matharu, alleged girlfriend of Anup Jalota will be wooed by someone in the house and Anup will end up alone. Taking a dig at Anup Jalota, she said, “ Anup Jalota ka Jalota nikal jayega aur sirf lota reh jayega. “Jo insaan thik se chal nahi paata woh kaand kya karega!”, she further stated criticizing Anup Jalota. Rakhi also mentioned that she is ‘ready’ to be Jalota’s next girl if Jasleen dumps him.

Bigg Boss 12: Rakhi Sawant Is Ready To Be Anup Jalota’s Next Girlfriend!

Talking about the organ donation after death, Rakhi said she has insured her b**bs and will donate it for the patients with breast cancer.

Rakhi Sawant is an ex-contestant of Bigg boss, and her comments on the latest season shows how closely she is following the episodes of the favourite reality show.

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