Bigg Boss 12 Day 29 Update: The moment we’ve been anticipating since a while now is finally here. Jasleen Matharu’s beloved Anup Jalota & Sreesanth are back in the house and there’s sparks that for sure will soon build up fire for Dipika Kakar Ibrahim. Moreover, all the jodis have been separated, which means they are now going to be individual contestants fighting against each other. Here’s all the deets you need!

The episode started with the housemates mocking Deepak & Urvashi, trying to spark romance between the two. While Urvashi couldn’t stop blushing, Deepak looked concerned about the image the entire saga would be forming in viewer’s minds. Sreesanth shared his heart out and got emotional about his cricket journey. Read all about it here.

Bigg Boss 12 Day 29 Update: Anup Jalota & Sreesanth Are Back With A Bang In The House, Dipika Kakar Becomes The Official Target!
Bigg Boss 12 Day 29 Update: Anup Jalota & Sreesanth Are Back With A Bang, Dipika Kakar Becomes The Target!

What followed by were the unique nominations. Bigg Boss has finally separated all the bonds and each member of the jodi will now be playing individually. The jodis for the last time were given the opportunity to choose one amongst themselves who’ll be nominated for the week. Urvashi, Saba & Shivashish were chosen for the same but being the captains, Surbhi & Romil got the special power to change the jodi’s decisions if they wish to. They swapped Saurav with Shiv. Also, when asked who’d continue being the captain among the both, they mutually decided Surbhi’s name. In case of the individuals, out of 4 (Srishti, KV, Jasleen & Dipika) they had to mutually decide a person who would be safe while the rest would get nominated. As always, Dipika played the smart game and saved herself.

As soon as Anup Jalota & Sreesanth entered the house, the both were surrounded by the housemates and curiosity aroused around where they were all the while. Anup spoke the truth but Sree played his game, saying he was with his family but could see everything that was happening in the house. Awkwardness could be noticed between Sree & Dipika as he entered the house and both the entrants left no chance to target her and get all the housemates against her.

It’s for sure going to be a tough ride for Deepika but it’ll be interesting to note if that will make her the Gautam Gulati of this season! What’d you think? Share your views with us in the comment section below!

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