Rakhi Sawant and her infamous antics to be relevant on social media never get old. She started talking about the epidemic coronavirus recently and told her fans that she is going to China to kill it. Sitting in a plane, the actress made a video in which she said that she has tied hands with NASA and has found an antidote to kill the deadly virus.


A few days from this hilarious video, Rakhi has now come back to India after completing the said mission. As usual, she had one of the craziest ‘imaginary’ experience while she was in China, killing the virus and shared it with her fans. She made a six-minute long video talking about how she has killed the virus and had to cross the China Wall to come back to India.

After Killing The Deadly Coronavirus, Rakhi Sawant Claims To Have Climbed The China Wall To Come Back To India
After Killing The Deadly Coronavirus, Rakhi Sawant Climbed The China Wall To Return To India!

In the video, we can see Rakhi with her mouth covered with a mask, talking about what all went own in China. She begins to tell her tale and says that after much hard work, she has managed to finish the virus. She further tells her fans that because there were no flights to India from China, she had to risk her life and climb the China wall to come to India.


The entertainment doesn’t stop here. She further said that she has brought some of the coronaviruses back to India. She said that she will use it for all the rapist and for the Nirabhaya rape case culprits. She says that she will open the box only in Tihar Jai in order to punish the offenders. Rakhi assures that the coronavirus is kept safe with her in a box and no one needs to worry about anything now.

Earlier, Rakhi had shared a video of the aftermath of the virus spread in China. She wrote, “Jesus save India, please. Word Of The Day भजन संहिता 93:1
1. यहोवा राजा है; उसने माहात्म्य का पहिरावा पहिना है; यहोवा पहिरावा पहिने हुए, और सामर्थ्य का फेटा बान्धे है। इस कारण जगत स्थिर है, वह नहीं टलने का। Amen, He is Great God. God”

Well, Rakhi sure knows how to entertain her fans. What do you have to say about it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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