Aarushi Bajaj opens up about her emotionally charged role in 'Aarya 3'
Aarushi Bajaj opens up about her emotionally charged role in ‘Aarya 3’ (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Actress Aarushi Bajaj is all set to be a part of Sushmita Khan starrer Aarya Season 3. The actress who has stepped in the shoes of Arundhati Sareen (Aru) in the crime thriller, opened up about how she saw herself in the character. She also listed the candid similarities she has found between herself and her character Aru.

Actress Virti Vaghani had played the character of Arundhati in Season one and two. Now, Aarushi is making her debut with this show, which is headlined by actress Sushmita Sen, who plays the titular character Aarya Sareen.

Arundhati (Aru) is the second child of Aarya (Sushmita) and Tej Sareen (Chandrachur Singh).

When an actor and their character share a few quirks and qualities, it’s like finding the secret code to authenticity. These similarities serve as a backstage pass to genuine and relatable performances, adding a pinch of magic to the on-screen recipe.

Talking about the same, Aarushi said: “I consider myself one of the luckiest to have watched Aru in seasons 1 and 2 as part of the audience and then to play her in season 3. What attracted me to the role was her transformation after Tej’s (her father) death.”

“Along the way, I discovered similarities between me and Aru — like her, I’m emotional but not overly sensitive, I value independence, and appreciate love and support. Despite our strong-willed nature, both Aru and I have gentle, clean hearts, which breathed life into the character,” she added.

In the third season, Aarya has her eyes set on the supply and transportation of the narcotic drug but is intercepted by Ila Arun, who herself is the undisputed queen on the supply side.

Hot on Aarya’s heels is ACP Khan who after being preoccupied in the second season is back with vengeance and will do anything in his capacity to put an end to Aarya’s illegal drug empire.

As Aarya gets cornered, she draws her claws out and goes for the kill with impunity as she has the fan favorite Daulat by her side. The following shots present intense action and a showdown where a wounded Aarya draws out the swords to slash anyone who lays hands on her kids.

After receiving an International Emmy Award Nomination for season one, and two successful seasons, the wait ends as the fan favourite franchise returns with its third season with newer challenges, newer enemies and with a newer ambition.

Created and Co-Directed by the visionary Ram Madhvani and co-produced by Amita Madhavni, Ram Madhvani, Ram Madhvani Films and Endemol Shine India, ‘Aarya Season 3’ will air on Disney+ Hotstar from November 3.

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