When Rajinikanth Was Rubbed The Wrong Way & He Decided To Give It Back To Jayalalitha, Initiating Her Downfall In A Way That None Imagined!
Rajinikanth Was Once Irked By CM Jayalalitha & What He Did Next Went Down To Become History! ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Rajinikanth is the greatest of all time, but the actor and politician is known for his rivalry with the late politician Jayalalitha. The youngest CM of Tamil Nadu, the actress-turned-politician once irked Rajinikanth after she swore an oath as the CM in 1991.

After Jayalalitha occupied the chair of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, her entourages were popular. But one such caravan was the nail in her downfall in 1996, and this nail was placed well by no one other than Anna.

In a book called The Name Is Rajinikanth, the biographer mentions how Rajinikanth was irked about Jayalalitha living her life king-size and walking past Chennai roads with her entourages, blocking roads and causing inconvenience.

Once, Rajinikanth faced such a jam as well. The book describes what happened, just like a scene from some masala film. Rajinikanth’s car was once stopped by the police. A senior uniformed police officer taps his car window. The driver lowered it, and the policeman said, “No traffic jam can move until the CM’s entourage drives past the road.”

Rajinikanth then politely asked, “When will that happen?” The policeman replied about the possibility of roads being cleared once the chief minister’s car passed away in an hour. The Jailer actor was slowly losing his calm. He asked, “I am sure no car is so big to take half an hour. Why don’t you allow the crowd and vehicles to move until then?”

Even the policeman felt stuck in the battle between two powerful people. Rajinikanth then roared, “Are you deliberately stopping me?” Out of despise, Rajini Anna did the unthinkable: he stepped out of his car, approached a shop, leaned against a lamp post, and lit a cigarette.

As soon as people saw superstar Rajinikanth standing on the road, they mobbed him, and suddenly, the Dr. Radhakrishnan road was jampacked with people dying to get just one glimpse of the Jailer actor. The anecdote in the book further said, “Aware that Jayalalithaa’s motorcade was minutes away, the police officer in charge of the area’s traffic rushed towards Rajnikant and requested him to move away. “Sir,” they said, and the actor replied, I’m waiting for her to pass. I don’t mind waiting.”

Later, Rajinikanth even promoted and campaigned for the political party that was against Jayalalitha. “Even God cannot save Tamil Nadu if Jayalalithaa is voted back to power,” he said in a political rally, and she lost the elections that followed in 1996!

Well, who underestimates the power of a common man, right?!

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