Following the Coronavirus Outbreak and lockdown we all are left with no options, but to stay safe with our beloved family at home. Agreed that it’s been over a week since most of us have stepped our outside and most of us are already bored to the core, but remember there were times where we wanted a break so badly to spend quality time with family, to learn new skills, be it learning how to cook, singing, playing musical instruments etc. The current phase that we are going through i.e Lockdown is no less than a perfect opportunity where we can utilize our time that too in our comfort at home.

Today we at Koimoi would like to suggest 5 short films on Youtube from down South that will refresh your mood and will leave you asking for more at this lockdown phase. Apart from refreshing your mood, short films are also a key that gives you access to the work of various budding and talented filmmakers and aspiring actors from across India and the world.

Tired Of Lockdown? 5 Down South Short Films You Can Binge Watch On Youtube Right Now!
Tired Of Lockdown? 5 Down South Short Films You Can Binge Watch On Youtube Right Now!


Below are 5 Must watch short films from down South with subtitles.

1) Paroksh

Paroksh is inspired by a real-life incident that will give you goosebumps, and keep you hooked to your mobile/laptop screens till the very end. The incidence takes place at Karnataka where a Tulu speaking family of three resides at a home surrounded by dense vegetation. The family starts experiencing an eerie incidence, especially at wee hours as they hear a baby’s cry from a nearby tree. Despite trying all their luck to find where the cries are coming from, and arranging various rituals to drive away the ‘supernatural’ nothing works in the family’s favor, till one fine day the truth behind the cries of ‘baby’ is revealed. The climax is sure to leave you awestruck.



This Malayalam short film revolves around a character named Ashley, a lonely and worried girl lost in her world. She has no idea what exactly life is all about, as she is depressed and lost in deep thoughts following her upbringing and being an illegitimate child with no idea who her father is. Ashley has this very thought that she is unlike others and the society has no place for someone like her, till one fine day Roy enters her life and completely changes her outlook to life. Roy’s company teaches her to love thyself, to smile, to enjoy, as she starts enjoying his company, meeting him, interacting with him till one fine day Roy is nowhere to be seen and she comes across some harsh reality and things related to the person whom she once believed to be there for her.

3) Ambani The Investor

The story revolves around a day of a school going boy from a poor family who at a very young age starts investing money to run his home and meet his needs. The boy starts his day by selling liquor bottles of his father to scrap dealer in return he gets Rs. 5, and with that, he takes a bicycle on rent following which he helps a milk vendor to sell the milk with the help of the cycle. Thus he keeps doing one after another small job and garners a sum of rupees 138 by the end of the day. Out of which, he hands over a portion of his earnings to his mother and saves the rest. The short, sweet and innocent story shown simple way is sure to touch your heart and pass on a strong and inspiring message.

4) Rendu Idly

The story revolves around a single mother and her son. The sacrifices and difficulties which the mother undergoes to give her son proper education and daily meals. The son grows up and gets a good job, and finally, the day comes when he earns his first salary, which is a proud moment and thus he wants to gift his mother something special. On his way back he reminisces his older days and all the struggles his mother underwent. But there’s something amiss when he reaches his home with the gift for his mother, and that very moment will melt your heart.

5) Kamuki

The story revolves around life a Teenaged school-going Malayalee girl residing in Kolkata. The girl’s life revolves around her school and home. She is on a lookout for her boyfriend who has left her pregnant. Despite several calls and attempts to reach him, she fails, which leads to her anxiety and depression. Following which she even thinks of abortion, but somewhere deep down the hope that she will meet her boyfriend and everything will be back to normal urges her to live. One fine day luck favors her as she gets to know the place where her boyfriend is residing, she visits his place only to realize that all the hopes and promises he had for her were nothing but fake as she gets to know about his reality and true character.

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