Opinion About Prasanth Varma Being An Apt Choice For Ramayana With Ram Charan & Jr NTR In Leading Roles
Opinion On An Upcoming Epic ‘Ramayan’ ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

There’s a lot of hullabaloo about Ramayana right now, with several interesting reports flowing in. As far as we know, Ranbir Kapoor is said to be locked to play lord Ram on the big screen, with Yash being Ravan. But we strongly feel the film could reach an entirely different level with Ram Charan and Jr NTR’s reunion, along with Prasanth Varma coming on board as director. Keep reading to know about our opinions!

Prasanth Varma is the man in form to handle Indian epic!

It’s known that Dangal filmmaker Nitesh Tiwari is going to helm the highly-anticipated epic of Indian cinema. We totally respect Tiwari and his filmmaking abilities, but it seems that he’s a misfit for this mega project. So far, Tiwari has done films like Dangal, Chhichhore, and Bawaal. Though all these films are big, when we talk about Ramayana, it’s a different game altogether.

A film based on an Indian epic needs to be pulled off with a big production value, and there’s ample scope for achieving something unbelievable in terms of VFX work. Tiwari hasn’t handled any magnum opus in the past, and that’s where the man of the moment, Prasanth Varma, comes into the picture!

His vision for HanuMan has been impressive, and the way he has pulled off a cinematic wonder despite a tight VFX budget is simply brilliant. Even when it comes to making an emotionally fulfilling and entertaining film based on Indian literature and culture, Varma looks to be an apt choice.

As we pitch Prasanth Varma as a director of Ramayana, we reimagined Adipurush’s result with Varma’s touch. The way he has handled HanuMan as a content-driven film laden with appealing visuals, Adipurush could have been a timeless classic for sure, and that too with a much lower budget as compared to its real exorbitant cost.

Given Varma’s idea of a universe connected to gods, Adipurush looked in a much better place than how it actually turned out to be.

Ram Charan, Jr NTR & Amritha Aiyer fit better as Ramayana’s trio?

It is reported that Ranbir Kapoor, Yash, and Sai Pallavi are locked as Ram, Ravan, and Sita, respectively. While the casting sounds exciting enough (not officially confirmed), the trio of Ram Charan, Jr NTR, and Amritha Aiyer looks more promising.

Ram Charan already gave us a glimpse of his Ram avatar in RRR, and even that brief portrayal of a few minutes left us in awe. His classy persona and body language seem perfect for such characters, and as he has already been well-received for his portrayal, he comes off as a much better choice to play lord Ram.

When it comes to intensity and strong demeanor, Jr NTR seems to be a perfect choice. No doubt, Yash, too, has that larger-than-life persona, but NTR has an edge due to his command of Hindi, which makes him more appealing in the Hindi heartland. His rustic physique and charm make him a solid contender to portray a grey-shaded Shiv Bhakt Ravan.

Amritha Aiyer looked fresh and captivating in HanuMan. It could have been a bold move, but opting for her to play Sita Ma sounds interesting. Her innocence and beauty are other scoring points.

Coming to another major character, which is Hanuman, Randeep Rooda seems to a bit odd but interesting fit. When we look upto the role of Bajrangbali, an actor of a ‘desi’ physique would suit better, rather than bodybuilder type physique. In the past, we have seen Randeep going through major body transformation, so he can pull off Hanuman with ease as he, already oozes that ‘desi’ vibe. And of course, performance wise, he has always delivered.

When we talk about the character of Lakshman, Tejja Sajja looks a value addition. He looks fresh and has an ability of instantly connecting with the audience.

With all these things coming together, with, of course, an exciting supporting cast, Ramayana looks like a sure-shot box office epic worth 1000 crores. Now, let’s wait and see how the actual film turns out to be!

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