R Madhavan Was Called A Drug Addict & Alcoholic On Twitter
R Madhavan Sure Knows How To Shut Trolls In A Classy Way (Photo Credit: Instagram/R Madhavan)

R Madhavan, who won our hearts with performances in films like Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein, 3 Idiots and more, has given it back to a troll. Commenting on a recent pic of Maddy that was shared on social media, a user called him a drug addict and alcoholic. So how did this entire fiasco begin?

Well, on January 3, Amit Sadh took to Twitter and shared an image with Maddy. He captioned it, “BROTHER … MADDY SIR … you have inspired me with those (THIRTY MINUTES) yet again … love you bro … more when we meet next 🤗”

Replying to this on Tuesday (January 5), a Twitter user called R Madhavan a drug addict and alcoholic. Claiming to have once been impressed by his work, the user wrote, “Maddy was once my hearthrob. But now it’s so disheartening to see Madhavan ruining his brilliant career, health & life behind alcohol and narco drugs. While he entered b-wood in RHTDM, he was fresh as a blossoming bud. Now look at him, his face & eyes. They speak it all..!”

R Madhavan replied to the user stating, “Oh .. So that’s your diagnoses? I am worried for YOUR patients. May be you need a Docs appointment.” Check out his response below.

Amit Sadh too responded to this Twitter user’s comment. He wrote, “Really … he is one of the most genuine people / artist /geniuses we have .. My heart breaks , how people miss use Twitter and the freedom of speech … I hope you learn not to make such nasty statements … About anyone ! Find peace my love !”

Other fans of R Madhavan also commented on it. One wrote, “Comeon Mam, it is Maddy you are talking about … think before posting” Another fan tweeted, “You be you Maddy, screw the ideas of the rest who live on the other side of the screen, you taught me how to love in minnale, awesome feels, bless you and rock on Sign of the hornsParty popperParty popper #maddyrocks.”

A third person wrote, “Sir.. Although I really liked your rebuttal.. But it’s best to ignore such comment as they are only made for 2seconds of fame which we just gave.” Another comment in the matter read, “She has taken diagnosis to a whole new level Maddy. She is able to diagnose people by just looking at them. She should consider making appointments with her patients via Zoom or Google Hangouts. LMFAO!Smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes.”

What is your opinion on this incident? Let us know in the comments.

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