KGF: Chapter 2 Strange Observation! 'Eid' Gets Muted In A 'Bakra-Eid' Dialogue, 'Democracy' Changed To 'Demography'
KGF: Chapter 2 Strange Observation! ‘Eid’ Gets Muted In A ‘Bakra-Eid’ Dialogue, ‘Democracy’ Changed To ‘Demography'(Photo Credit: Still From KGF: Chapter 2)

KGF: Chapter 2 has been released and the day suddenly turned into a festival for many. Theatres are packed, houseful boards are back and Yash fans are going crazy over the treatment of the film. It has opened up with a positive word of mouth and looks like it’ll remain the same throughout its journey at the box office.

But, we’re not here to talk about its BO prospects because we’re already doing that in an extensive coverage under our box office category (check out!). We’re here to talk about a couple of weird censored portions in Yash’s actioner. To clarify, the censor details we’ll talk about are in the Hindi version of the film.

This goes without saying there will be mild spoilers ahead, which won’t ruin your movie-watching experience (mummy kasam!). The first scene we’re going to discuss has Yash’s Rocky getting enraged with Shetty (played by Dinesh Mangaluru) for some reason. Shetty asks, “Why didn’t you do this before? (what? we won’t tell because ‘mummy kasam’), why were you waiting?”

To which Yash says (paraphrasing a bit), “Bakre ko aise hi khaa le toh usse Biryani kehte hai, par agar paal-pos ke Eid pe khaye toh usse qurbaani kehte hai.” In this dialogue, the word ‘Eid’ was muted. This made us think what could be the reason to mute Eid? It might be either because the KGF: Chapter 2 makers didn’t want to link the festival with violence in that particular scene or they just wanted to play safe to avoid controversy. What do you think?

One another scene is in which Yash’s Rocky talks about ‘democracy’ with the PM played by Raveena Tandon, and the word is replaced with ‘demography’. It doesn’t stop getting weird here, Rocky goes ahead and blurts out the textbook definition of democracy (…of the people, by the people, for the people) by Abraham Lincoln, but the word still remains ‘demography’. We couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of this whole scene. This also could be because of playing safe and not causing any kind of controversy.

Why do you think KGF: Chapter 2 makers took this decision of censoring on such weird occasions? Was it a self-censor or did the board ask them to do so? We won’t be able to know that exactly but we would love to know your thoughts. Shoot them in the comments section below!

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