Varun Sandesh on Navigating Career Ups and Downs Ahead of "Nindha” release
Varun Sandesh on Navigating Career Ups and Downs Ahead of “Nindha” release ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Varun Sandesh, whose film Nindha hits theaters on June 21, began his career with a bang at just 17. His debut film, 2007’s Happy Days, was a massive success and quickly gained cult status. However, after a few initial hits, Varun admits that he had to struggle to keep up the momentum. Reflecting on his career, he candidly shares, “I was a kid. I went to parties and enjoyed life like any other teenager. Maybe I was in denial earlier, but after 17 years in this journey, I am ready to accept reality.” Despite still feeling unsure about some decisions, Varun says he is now in a better state of mind. “I am still trying to be sorted in terms of my career choices,” he adds.

Varun recalls a pivotal moment in his life during the filming of Mister 420. “I first remember thinking, ‘What am I doing? Why am I doing all these films?'” This led to a 1.5-year break during which he went to the US to contemplate his future. The film Michael (2023) marked his first appearance as an antagonist, a role he thoroughly enjoyed. “Playing such a character opened doors for me. I was offered different and new kinds of films after it,” he says.

In Nindha, a suspense thriller, Varun portrays a member of the National Human Rights Commission of India. While Telugu cinema has recently seen many films in this genre, Varun is confident that Nindha stands out. “This is a completely content-driven film. The screenplay is the soul here. The film entirely rides on suspense; there is no unnecessary comedy or romance track in it,” he assures.

Varun, who describes himself as a jovial person, found playing an intense character in Nindha challenging. “When compared to my earlier films, I had to completely surprise myself. I am never this serious. Basically, I had to keep my inner child aside to approach this film. I tried to express more with my eyes in it,” he notes.

Nindha also marks the directorial debut of Rajesh Jagannadham, who has also written and produced the film. Varun praises Rajesh for making the process engaging, highlighting his one unique initiative: “Usually, bound scripts are given only to the main lead. However, Rajesh gave the script, except for the final 15 pages, to every cast member. It helped because nobody knew the culprit while they were shooting. That was very nice and created a great ambience on sets.”

As Varun Sandesh gears up for the release of Nindha, he reflects on his journey with a sense of gratitude and renewed focus, ready to embrace the next chapter of his career.

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