Emily In Paris Review: Lili Collins' Fantasy Drama Is Way Out Of Our League But Has Left Us Dreaming!
Emily In Paris Review: Lili Collins’ Fantasy Drama Is Way Out Of Our League But Has Left Us Dreaming!

Emily in Paris Review: Missed watching a proper chick flick since ages? Sex And The City was definitely one of its kind. But when its creators come up with something similar, you know it’s a must-watch!

Star Cast: Lily Collins, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Ashley Park, Lucas Bravo, Kate Walsh, William Abadie, Samuel Arnold, Bruno Gourey, Camille Razat

Creator: Darren Star

Streaming On: Netflix

Emily In Paris Review:  What Is It About?

Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins is living a content life in Chicago. She works at a marketing firm, which plans to send one of its employees to a Parisian firm to give an ‘American’ approach to their marketing strategies. However, this super exciting opportunity falls in Emily’s lap when her boss has to back out due to ‘some’ unavoidable circumstances.

Now that, she doesn’t even know to speak French – there arrive a lot of cultural differences. With a boyfriend in Chicago who dumps her due to long-distance (pretty much every relation in today’s time), Emily has no on-one to go to. Does she emerge victorious alone in a new city with mean colleagues at the new office?

Emily In Paris Review:  What’s Good?

The fantasy, not even kidding! Life isn’t that simple, but most of us dream of having this classy job, turning up high on our fashion game every single day. Darren Star banked a lot with his love, lust and friendship equation in Sex And The City. This time, he has smartly written a script that relates to the imaginations and issues of today’s generation. The social media expression for very little thing to issues revolving around love triangles and infidelity – it’s all that today’s audience would relate to.

Lily Collins is a treat to watch. She knows the responsibility of having the entire series on her shoulder, and she’s given it her best. You will end up relating to her at every single point. There are flaws that Emily possesses and just like every girl, she sh*ts her pants at times too. But she realizes what’s right for her, and it’s the approach much needed in today’s ‘heat of the moment’ kind of millennials.

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu is a total badass. She has exactly what it needs to portray the rude boss, Sylvie. I love how you hate her but there’s empathy that slips at some other moments too.

Emily In Paris Still
Emily In Paris Still

Every man on the show – William Abadie (Antoine), Lucas Bravo (Gabriel) or Samuel Arnold (Julien) is a total snack! Can’t deny the fact that French in itself is pretty sexy to hear, but these men make it all the way more happening with their kickass portrayals. I just wish I could have seen more of Julien on-screen, a star totally worth looking forward too!

Emily In Paris addresses the much-needed debates of today’s time – sexism, #MeToo as well as the cultural bias. While the latter one remains debatable, there’s a light-hearted approach which sends across a message in an entertaining manner.

Emily in Paris is high on sarcasm as far as its dialogues are concerned, which will light you up. I love how there remains a tremendous balance between romance, comedy as well as the ‘drama.’

SPECIAL SHOUTOUT to the costume designer. It gets unrealistic at times, the fashionable looks that Emily dons despite being a regular employee. But again, it’s the fantasy I would love to be a part of. So, if you’re a similar being, this one’s totally for you!

Emily In Paris Review: What Doesn’t Work?

When you revolve your theme around a specific culture, it can definitely irk a certain section. In this case, French people are portrayed as the ones who are a little laid back. They want to enjoy their lives, but the enthusiasm for work isn’t at much. Furthermore, the bias and mean behaviour towards an outsider (and American in this case) may not always be true. That’s one arena where Darren Star’s show can land itself into controversy.

There also remain certain loopholes in the script. For eg, there could be a possible gay angle to the story when a friend ends up kissing Emily. However, that road leads to a dead-end. In fact, that angle is completely forgotten. Even if that’s a part of the French tradition, as an outsider, I’ve somewhere failed to understand so.

Americans love the happy ending, at least as per the makers. But the ending of Emily In Paris Season 1 lacks to leave fans at the cliffhanger. I would be equally excited to see the glitz and glamour part, but what happens next? That’s not something that is leaving me curious.

Emily In Paris Review: Final Word

It’s been a while that we’ve experienced the Gossip Girl content. It’s cliché but have us hooked till date. Emily In Paris is the life you would love to live during your initial career. Way out of the realistic league, but what’s the harm in dreaming? Jouir, Au revoir!

Three Stars!

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