Defending Jacob Episode 5 Review [Wishful Thinking]: Chris Evans Gets Very Angry This Time!
Defending Jacob Episode 6 Review [Wishful Thinking]: Chris Evans Gets Very Angry This Time!
In the 6th episode of Defending Jacob, titled as Wishful Thinking, we get to see the angry side of Chris Evans as Andy Barber. After the mind-blowing 5th episode, the latest one manages to build great suspense as expected.

In the latest episode of Defending Jacob, Andy and Jacob’s lawyer Joanna (Cherry Jones) visit the District Attorney’s office to check Ben’s phone. On their way, they meet Neal who asks Andy Barber about his father Billy Barber. This angers Chris Evans’ character who gets physical with Neal. That’s when he learns that the truth about his father is out to everyone as expected. Also, Andy and Joanna find nothing significant on Ben’s phone.


Despite being warned, we all know Jacob had started using social media account. Joanna tells Andy about it and the bizarre murderous posts Jacob (Jaeden Martell) had shared. This angers Andy and he yells at his son for straight 2 mins at least. Again, we get to see Chris Evans in angry mode only because he cares too much about defending Jacob.


Jacob’s murder gene tests and sessions are over. On the day of his 15th birthday, Dr Vogel tells Andy, Laurie (Michelle Dockery) and Joanna that Jacob doesn’t have a murder gene. But they get to know the dark side of their son. While Andy still thinks there is nothing wrong with Jacob, Laurie’s doubts only grow stronger.

The important twist in today’s episode was the information Andy gets about Leo Patz from Matt. We won’t tell you what Matt tells Andy, but it did help in making Leo a suspect again. Andy yet again gets into his angry mode and personally confronts Leo for killing Ben.

In this episode of Defending Jacob, the Barbers are being spied on by a strange man in a car outside their house. When Andy and Laurie return home after celebrating Jacob’s birthday at night, they spot the car again. Angry Andy confronts the man and threatens him to leave. Later, Andy finds out that the car was stolen by an unknown person.

In the 6th episode of Defending Jacob, Andy Barber says that he just wants to delay his son’s trial for some time. The episode ends with the Barbers on their way for Jacob’s trial.

There was a lot of drama and confrontations in the recent episode. The 7th episode might unfold more of Leo’s truth, Jacob’s strange behaviour and let’s hope we know who the murderer is.

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