Four young unmarried couples break up on Valentine’s Day but end up spending that night together roaming around Delhi. Find out more in the review of Valentine’s Night.

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Valentine's Night Movie Review

Business rating: 0.5 / 5 stars (Half star)

Star cast: Payal Rohatgi, Sangram Singh, Rakhi Sawant, Rahul Minz, Neha Thakur, Sunny Hinduja.

What’s Good: Hardly anything.

What’s Bad: The ordinary script; the poor performances.

Verdict: Valentine’s Night is a nightmare for the audiences. Flop!

Loo break: Several.


Watch or Not?: Watch it at your own risk.

Kirshnam Mediatech Private Ltd.’s Valentine’s Night (A) is about what happens to a group of young people on the night of Valentine’s Day in Delhi.

Four young unmarried couples, who are used to interacting with each other on social networking websites, break up with their respective partners on the eve of Valentine’s Day, due to various personal reasons.

One of the girls, Sanjana (Payal Rohatgi), decides to invite the rest of her friends – which include the separated couples as well – on a sponsored trip in a limousine. The young boys and girls spend the night moving across Delhi in the luxury car, during which they meet with three trouble-makers: a politician’s son, who wants a prostitute supplied to him by one of the girls in the car; a Don, who gets into a scuffle with one of the boys in the car; and a landlord, who makes porn clips of girls who stay at his place.

Then, one of the girls travelling in the car is murdered. Consequently, the others in the car are interrogated by the police as they are suspects in the murder case. How the friends overcome their problems and how they finally find true love forms the rest of the drama.Valentine's Night Movie Stills

Valentine’s Night Review: Script Analysis

Kumar Badal’s story is very ordinary. There is nothing new in the story of a bunch of young people spending a night together and falling into trouble before everything gets back to normal. The writer tries to add a layer of novelty to the story by involving new platforms of communication in his screenplay, but to no avail. The extra tracks in the screenplay – including those of the politician’s son, the Don and the pervert landlord, add little value to the narrative. Dialogues, also penned by Kumar Badal, are very poor.

Valentine’s Night Review: Performances

The performances are poor, generally speaking. Payal Rohatgi (as Sanjana) is the most well-known face among the cast members but she disappoints. Sangram Singh (as Angad) overacts. Rakhi Sawant is alright in an item song. Rahul Minz (as Andy) is dull. Neha Thakur (as Aditi) does a passable job. Sunny Hinduja (as Milind) disappoints. Prabhat Kumar (as Virender), Shikhi Gupta (as Ekta), Rahul Madhav (as Sudhir) and others offer poor support. Zameel Khan’s (as the Don) performance is alright.

Valentine’s Night Review: Direction & Music

Kirshan-Badal’s direction is pathetic. They have neither tried to cover up the inadequacies in the script nor have they extracted even average performances from their cast. As a result, the film ends up irritating the audience. Four songs (music by Astitva ‘The Band’; lyrics by Tehseen Munnavar and Astitva ‘ The Band’) add little value to the film. Premanand Bhagirath’s cinematography is passable. Editing, by Manoj Mishra, is shoddy.

Valentine’s Night Review: The Last Word

On the whole, Valentine’s Night is a poor show. It will flop miserably at the box-office.

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