Street Dancer 3D Movie Review Rating: 3/5 Stars (Three stars)

Star Cast: Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor, Nora Fatehi, Prabhudheva, Dharmesh Yelande, Punit Pathak

Director: Remo D’Souza

Street Dancer 3D Movie Review: Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor & Prabhudheva Make This A 'Foot-Tapping Watch'
Street Dancer 3D Movie Review: Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor & Prabhudheva Make This A ‘Foot-Tapping Watch’

What’s Good: Second half of the title – Dancers – they’re brilliant, Prabhudheva enjoys the maximum cheers as Muqabla starts & it’s totally worth it

What’s Bad: First half of the title – Street because it’s totally misleading (read to know more about this aspect), despite having a story it’s not enough to balance with the spins & whirls happening through

Loo Break: Whenever you see they’re building an emotional sequence or someone’s trying to act, just head out of there and come back in on the beats of the music

Watch or Not?: If you’ve watched every dance show on this planet, the Step Up series, ABCD 1 & 2 – you might know all the tricks so you can skip it. Rest of you, give it a try for the dance


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It’s all about the verses between two dance groups – Team India VS Team Pakistan in London. Team India is Sahej’s (Varun Dhawan) Street Dancers & Team Pakistan is Inayat’s (Shraddha Kapoor) Rulebreakers. The rivalry between them is registered from the moment they meet but there’s no backdrop apart from the religious difference. Brother Inder (Punit Pathak) burdens his dream of winning the Ground Zero dance competition on Sahej (Varun Dhawan).

Anna (Prabhudheva) who runs a hotel shows the reality of stuck immigrants to Inayat and the team. They now want to win the battle to help those immigrants. Sahej with three of his best dancers joins London’s local group The Royals and gets criticised for his decision. Now, what he does next and how well does he do on the path of his ‘homecoming’ is what the rest of the story is all about.

Street Dancer 3D Movie Review
Street Dancer 3D Movie Review

Street Dancer 3D Movie Review: Script Analysis

Before we dive deep into the technical aspects, could someone in the comments section remind me why this isn’t called ABCD3? Remo D’Souza’s goes a mile ahead of actually including a story in between all the dance. It’s very manipulating when it introduces the emotional angle but surprisingly it works at places. Good to see how Remo D’Souza takes a dig at dance films, when in a scene Varun says, “4-5 saalo se yahi dance toh kar rahe hai.”

One major thing where the film lacks is its storyline. However good the choreography is when you know who’ll win it ultimately eliminates the thrills. A thought that kept me bothered throughout was, why the makers didn’t go full desi-style street when they had to name this one as Street Dancer? Streets have zero role to play making the title misleading. The electrifying effect in the initial performance, usage of magical tricks while dancing and a lot happens on the floor which keeps you intrigued.

Street Dancer 3D Movie Review: Star Performance

Varun Dhawan gets his moves right and the dancer in him just overshadows the actor in him. That’s what’s required and he has improved a lot since ABCD 2 smoothening his dance moves. Shraddha Kapoor gets no scope to act but she balances that with her beautiful presence on the dance-floor. Though not as good as the professional dancers around her, efforts are truly visible. She deserved a more balanced character to add the value.

Prabhudheva got the maximum cheers in our press show when he just broke into dancing on Muqabla. Won’t even give my two cents neither on his acting chops nor his dancing skills because we all know what’s what. Out of the dancers, Dharmesh gets his act right and enjoys lil bit of both the departments. Nora Fatehi looked the most ‘dancer’ than all the dancers around.

Street Dancer 3D Movie Review: Direction, Music

More than Remo D’Souza ‘directing’ this film, he has choreographed it. He’s a totally different person when it comes to the dancing scenes. He manages to create the aura around those sequences. He fails in mixing the good dance with the routine story that’s running parallel. Though it’s a good try as compared to ABCD2, the story still lacks soul.

Illegal Weapon 2.0 and Lahore doesn’t bring in anything apart from a few thumping beats. Garmi literally raises the temperature as Nora Fatehi makes it just irresistible to take your eyes off. Mainu Pind Jaana Hai comes in as a surprise as it delves well into the narrative. Dua Karo serves its hollow purpose of expressing the regret of Varun Dhawan. Sachin-Jigar’s background score backs the dancing sequences making them look as dazzling as they should.

Street Dancer 3D Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, Street Dancer 3D delivers what it promises – breathtaking dance. This is closest we’ve got to the Step Up series and that’s an achievement. Watch it for what it is rather than what you expect it to be & you might enjoy it.

Three stars!

Street Dancer 3D Trailer

Street Dancer 3D releases on 24th January, 2020.


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