Squid Game: The Challenge Review
Squid Game: The Challenge Review Out! (Picture Credit: IMDb)

Squid Game: The Challenge Review: Star Rating:

Cast: 456 unfortunate real-life players

Creator(s): Studio Lambert, The Garden

Streaming On: Netflix

Language: English

Runtime: 41–57 minutes (5 episodes as of 22 November 2023)

Squid Game: The Challenge Review
Squid Game: The Challenge Review Out! (Picture Credit: IMDb)

Squid Game: The Challenge Review: What’s It About:

It’s about Netflix releasing its most streamed show ever and then thinking, “Wow, that did well; how can we cash grab this opportunity?” Amidst greenlighting this reality show that would go down in history as the worst cash grab attempt, it forgot that the original show was a satirical take on capitalism, which denounced the very idea of it. It still went ahead to recreate wealthy, bored billionaires (in this case Netflix itself) watching 456 contestants fight for a jackpot as they playact death every time anyone is eliminated.

Squid Game: The Challenge Review: What Works:

Let’s keep this short because the show is highly frustrating AF. Nothing works.

Squid Game: The Challenge Review
Squid Game: The Challenge Review Out! (Picture Credit: Netflix/Youtube)

Squid Game: The Challenge Review: What Doesn’t Work:

Okay, get ready for the incoming rant. WHY NETFLIX WHY? Why would you want to recreate a game show that took a dig at Capitalism only to make money from it by tearing apart the whole motive of Hwang Dong-hyuk‘s vision? Even if we keep all that criticism aside, how did you even think we would want a reality show with 456 players playing games we stopped caring about in elementary school? The games that the original show mastered only because they were ‘planned’ with some of the best character development we saw.

Why would we even care when we know the players getting eliminated are playacting their deaths just because they’re instructed to do so? The players here are referring to this as a ‘slumber party’; one guy replies, “Not s*xually!” upon being asked if he would sleep together with another guy. Why would we even take all of this seriously? Your contestants say lines like, “I didn’t know I wouldn’t get any help from the other players.” Why? Haven’t they watched the original show before entering this? Why are they all acting so dumb collectively?

Okay, we’ll forget about the predictable, rudimentary, basic AF games for a while; what else do we have? We’ve had players’ interviews to develop a back-story for them for us to connect. Dear Netflix, you should try and learn from the Indian reality shows on how to create an emotional backstory for contestants. Here, a 23-year-old girl comes in & says, “I’m here because I’m insecure; girls my age are getting married and having babies. No one likes me.” Do you really want us to connect with that BS character development?

Apart from all this, Netflix, you turn the show into the less exciting version of Big Brother by asking the players to eliminate others, and you want us to be surprised at that? There’s a task given to the players, and you can’t even imagine the difficulty the creative team must’ve faced while planning it. The task is To fill empty jars with Orange juice by peeling the oranges in 30 minutes. Yep, there’s no catch to it; that’s the task. ARGH! WHY DO REVIEWERS HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL THIS?

Squid Game: The Challenge Review: Last Words:

All said and done, this is the worst reality show I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen Born in the Wild – a reality show that followed real-life couples who opt for a more ‘natural’ way of giving birth to their babies in the wild, with zero medical assistance. Yes, Netflix, this is worse than that!

Half star! (Only for the efforts of those who were unaware of how bad this could be)

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