Shukranu Movie Review: Star Cast: Divyendu Sharma, Shweta Prasad Basu, Sheetal Thakur, Aakash Dabhade

Director: Bishnu Dev Halder

Streaming On: Zee5 (From Feb 14)

Shukranu Movie Review: What’s It About? And How’s The Screenplay?

Shukranu Movie Review: Decent One Time Watch Entertainment & Infotainment
Shukranu Movie Review: Decent One Time Watch Entertainment & Infotainment

The Zee5 original film is a story set in 1976 which has a backdrop of sterilization drive in India by the national government. Crores of men were forcefully sterilized at that time and our lead character played by Divyendu Sharma is one among them.

Just a couple days before his marriage, some policemen take him to a local hospital and get him sterilized forcefully thus leaving him amidst a rollercoaster of emotions.

After facing some early marital issues just when he makes peace with things and thinks everything is fine, a bomb of information strikes. He is about to become a dad.

But the question is that if he is sterilized, how his wife can get pregnant? Now this question starts disturbing and frustrating him for obvious reasons and leads him to suspect his wife for cheating.

All this while he meets his old crush again who is now feeling attracted towards him. Without letting her know about his marriage, he gets involved with her as well.

What happens next? You have to watch the show to know.

Bishnu Dev Halder’s story has nothing new. It’s the same old story of a man stuck between his wife and girlfriend which we have seen so many times. However, the backdrop and circumstances which lead to a situation like this bring in the novelty factor. A lot of us have heard about the sterilization drive that happened in India during the emergency period but this film sheds more light on what actually happened and how it affected the people and their lives. The information is laced with humour which keeps the narrative interesting. The good thing is that the comedy works in several portions. Also, the confusion comedy had high chances of getting repetitive and lead to boredom but the writer has done a good job in keeping it sharp and new.

The film is less than 2 hours long so things hardly get stretched. It’s tight and entertaining for sure but it could’ve been far better if the writer probably revised his copies. Without revealing spoilers, I’d just say a lot of scenes, situations could’ve been written in a more intelligent way. Also, the emotions hardly work because none of the actors has been made to give a performance to their potential.

Shukranu Movie Review: How Are The Performances and Direction?

Divyendu Sharma is decent and remains far below the mark he has set. Shweta Prasad Basu is just about okay and so is Sheetal Thakur. Aakash Dabhade also lends ordinary support.

Bishnu Dev Halder’s direction is average. Accepted that it’s supposed to be a comedy film but when you have a backdrop related to true historical events then you have to make a film which can be taken seriously. Shukranu works in parts and doesn’t work in others and faulty direction has a major role to play.

Shukranu Movie Review: Final Verdict

Overall, Shukranu is a one time watch timepass film which you can watch for some genuine laughs and the information that it provides. Avoid watching it with high expectations.

Rating: Two and Half Stars

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