'Ramayana – The Epic' Review

Star cast: Animation film with dialogues dubbed by Juhi Chawla, Manoj Bajpayee, Ashutosh Rana, Mukesh Rishi.

Plot: The story is from the epic Ramayana. It talks about the 14-year exile of Lord Rama; Sita’s kidnap by Ravana; and her ultimate release by Lord Rama with the help of Hanuman.

What’s Good: Sets; some part of the animation.

What’s Bad: The screenplay; the other part of the animation.

Verdict: Ramayana The Epic will be an ‘epic’ disaster at the box-office

Loo break: Anytime!

'Ramayana – The Epic' Review

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  1. First thing first why ramayan again, why can’t they think anything- just anything else. Its like these production house already knows some prophecy that world is going to end, So do it in jet speed, forget about art or anything just make the movie man, ” Yoooo do it – do it just do it”. Will see whatever happens after that, who care because they already got their paycheck. And what about artist Haaaaaaaaa Who are they man. Just Fire them save the money, This is what the atitude of Indian Animation Industry. God Bless.


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