Star cast: Sukhwinder Singh, Shriya, Vikrum Kumar, Rufy Khan, Khwahish, Mukesh Tiwari.

Plot: Sukhwinder, Vikrum, Shriya, Rufy and Khwahish set out to make a film to change society. But calamity strikes.

What’s Good: Absolutely nothing.

What’s Bad: Everything! Right from Sukhwinder Singh as hero to all else.

Verdict: Debacle.

Loo break: Probably the entire film is one big loo break.

SuryaEntertainment’s Kuchh Kariye (UA) is the story of Rishi (Sukhwinder Singh), a simple and honest musician. He is in love with Alpana (Shriya). They share a live-in relationship and are forced by their neighbours to leave their home because of it. The two come to Bombay and befriend Javed Khan (Vikrum Kumar) and Sunny (Rufy Khan) who have also come to Bombay from elsewhere.

All the four of them consider the medium of film as the best for bringing about change in society. Being idealistic, they decide to make a film on the current socio-political scenario in India so that they can awaken the conscience of the public. After great difficulty, they manage to raise finance for the film, thanks to Roza (Khwahish), whose bungalow they live in in Bombay. Roza asks her lawyer-uncle (Anil Nagrath) to turn producer and fund the film.

However, the ruling party develops cold feet when it learns of the under-production film as it feels, the film would help muster public support against the government. Because of this, the party tries to abort the film’s shooting mid-way by sending a terrorist on the sets. The terrorist guns down heroine Alpana, hero Sunny and writer-director Javed Khan. Rishi, who is also playing a key role in the film, is seriously injured but gets saved in hospital. He vows to complete the film rather than being bogged down by the trouble-makers.

Is Rishi able to complete the film? Does it get released? What is its fate at the box-office? What happens to the divisive forces working in the country? These questions are answered in the film.

First things first. The film seems to have been made solely to showcase the (non-existing) talent of Sukhwinder Singh. Salim Bijnori’s story makes little sense and his screenplay is not a shade better. Too much importance is given to the medium of films as a tool for moulding public opinion. Although the group of friends faces difficulty in raising finance for their maiden film, when the deal for finance does actually happen, it happens so stupidly that it looks too contrived to be true. The financier (Dinesh Hingoo) first and Roza’s lawyer-uncle later agree to finance the film as if it were a question of a few thousand rupees and not some crores! The lawyer-uncle actually announces, while giving them a cheque for Rs. 50 lakh by way of signing amount, that he is willing to back the project because he has full faith in Roza’s friends.Really? What does he know of the capabilities of the friends to risk some crores of rupees?

Alpana, out of the blue, walks out on Rishi after asking him to marry her. Equally abruptly and soon thereafter, she comes back into his life. Sunny’s decision to quit the film industry also doesn’t make much sense because the track of the yesteryear struggler (Suresh Chatwal) is not very comprehensible. The ruling party lays so much emphasis on an under-production film with rank newcomers at the helm of affairs that it even assumes people would flock the cinemas to watch it when it is released. Are members of the ruling party politicians or script readers and box-office analysts?

The film, left incomplete due to the murders on the sets, is completed so easily that it would seem, there is nothing called continuity in a film! Like Kuchh Kariye, even the film being made in it is silly, to say the least. Rishi, who plays the central character in the film which is being made, says some four sentences to Muslim terrorists and they all have a change of heart! If only reforming extremists was so easy!!

Like the story and screenplay, Salim Bijnori’s dialogues are also bad. Songs are too many and crop up anywhere, anytime.

Sukhwinder Singh is an embarrassment to watch on the screen – and that is putting it mildly. He looks too old to be a hero, knows nothing of acting, body language and facial expressions, dances awkwardly and speaks his dialogues lifelessly. His costumes and accessories are an eyesore. In short, Sukhwinder Singh makes a horrifyingly pathetic screen debut. Vikrum Kumar may not be too impressive but he is at least earnest. Rufy Khan is bad. Shriya passes muster. Khwahish is barely average. Mushtaq Khan is terribly poor in his job. The character (Pappu Halva) he plays in the film as also the character of the jehadi leader he plays in the under-production film, both have a single-point role – to get convinced by Rishi in a minute. Surendra Pal plays the police commissioner with ease. Dinesh Hingoo fails to evoke laughter with his comic act. Abhay Bhargava is okay. Mukesh Tiwari (wearing the same costume every single day!!) goes through his role mechanically. Suresh Chatwal acts well. Deepak Shirke, Jayshree T., Anil Nagrath, Ahmad Khan and the others provide very ordinary support.

Jagbir Dahiya’s direction is poor. He seems to be clueless about what script, acting and narration are. Onkar’s music comprises a couple of fairly well-tuned numbers but the other songs are average. Song picturisations (Ganesh Acharya,Raju Khan, Nimesh Bhatt and Lollypop) are weak. Karim Khatri’s camerawork and Sanjay Verma’s editing leave something to be desired. Sets (Sunil and Vijay Das) are commonplace. Production values are dull.

On the whole, Kuchh Kariye will not be able to do anything at the ticket windows. A dry, drab and dull enterprise, it will bomb miserably at the box-office.


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