Men in Black: International Movie Review Rating: 1.5/5 Stars (One and a half stars)

Star Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Kumail Nanjiani

Director: F. Gary Gray

Men In Black International Movie Review: Why Would You Even Make A MIB Without Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones?
Men In Black International Movie Review: Why Would You Even Make A MIB Without Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones?

What’s Good: The good is bad here! It takes special assistance under Balaji Production’s Ekta Kapoor (Pun intended)

What’s Bad: Trying to bring back Thor: Ragnarok from Marvel to MIB

Loo Break:  I wish I had a long one!

Watch or Not?: Why waste money when you can watch Ekta Kapoor shows for free on the digital platform!


User Rating:

It takes more than special efforts to successfully create a franchised spin-off and Men In Black International is not one of them. The movie starts with Tessa Thompson relating her present to the past anecdotes and getting admitted to Men In Black being a woman (quite literally).

Chris Hemsworth is a carefree over-hyped Agent H trying to over smart anyone and everyone including the aliens on the planet with his lame jokes. There’s nothing special written in the script that we have not seen in Hollywood before and in a better screenplay. You will keep waiting for them to reveal the suspense plot even after knowing the obvious part about the movie because come on, your gut never really lies (and also we have been brought up watching Ekta Kapoor’s daily soaps and mentally trained to identify the villain before anyone else).  Indians will be acing at this one, undoubtedly. I somehow got Kyu Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi feels watching this movie, except I was trying to figure who Tulsi was in the entire movie!

Men In Black International Movie Review: Why Would You Even Make A MIB Without Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones?
Men In Black International Movie Review: Why Would You Even Make A MIB Without Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones?

Men in Black: International Movie Review: Script Analysis

When the first film, Men In Black released in 1997 it was one of its kind and immediately became a blockbuster at the box office. And why not? Mixing human agents with aliens on the same planet was ugly yet satisfying and you would want to see more of it. Will Smith’s casual banter and Tommy Lee Jones straight face worked like magic on the big screens. Honestly, like Jai-Veeru’s chemistry except with high-defined gadgets and VFX. It was totally clichéd but congenial!

But that’s not what the case is anymore. Why would Gary make MIB without Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones?  It’s like a flower without petals; you see how much I am emphasizing here on this, the essence was gone.

It was more like Thor: Ragnarok’s franchise with lack of Stan Lee’s pun and Marvel Universe. There was a serious scarcity of genuine humour in the movie, the jokes looked repetitive and were trying to balance between science and comical aspect of the movie. Despite such good VFX, Stuart Dryburgh who is the cinematographer of the movie seems struggling and to strangle in the middle of nowhere.

Men in Black: International Movie Review: Star Performance

First and foremost, Chris is trying so hard to come out of his Asgardian character but somehow failing terribly at it. He’s out of sync like he was in Avengers: Endgame till the very end with his beer belly but unfortunately there’s no Captain America to bring him back to his senses and tell him to be less lifeless on the screen. He even tried cracking a Thor joke which failed more terribly than Ekta Kapoor’s show Naagin. Except for his charm and abs, there was nothing that attracted me to watch him as Agent H.

Tessa Thompson is cute with a straight face throughout the movie. She is stuck between an ordinary and cold script in the movie. As far as her character is considered, she acted like a desperate kid who wants pink-coloured candy floss. Sorry Agent M, maybe choose better script next time!

SPECIAL MENTION: Little alien Pawny, who literally deserves a standing ovation for getting added at least point five stars to the film because of his humour and acting! You go little, buoy!

Men in Black: International Movie Review: Direction, Music

Coming from a director who has directed movies like The Fate of the Furious, the direction could have been better by F Gary Gray. He has failed to hold the audience’s interest this time and how. Not to forget, there are a couple of good sequences also in the movie but for me, it’s Pawny who stole the show.

Music was very much like the current viral video from World Cup 2019 on the Internet where you’ll see Firangi’s dancing on ‘Lagawelu tu lipstick’. Vungus’s dancing skills from the movie got me all cracking!

Men in Black: International Movie Review: The Last Word

Well, this was one of the most anticipated franchises of the year and it could have been much better. The storyline was scattered all around the place and actors were struggling to work out and justify the horrifying script!

One and a half stars!

Men in Black: International Trailer

Men in Black: International releases on 14th June, 2019.


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