Malayalee from India Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Nivin Pauly, Anaswara Rajan, Dhyan Sreenivasan, Deepak Jethi

Director: Dijo Jose Antony

Malayalee from India Movie Review
Malayalee from India Movie Review(Photo Credit –IMDb)

What’s Good: Nivin Pauly’s performance injects energy and charm, especially in comedic moments alongside Dhyan’s Malghosh. Additionally, Deepak Jethi’s portrayal of a Pakistani figure brings moments of genuine emotion to the story.

What’s Bad: The film’s disjointed script and overstretched duration dampen its impact and engagement.

Loo Break: About half an hour into the film, during the song Krishna.

Watch or Not?: If you enjoy Nivin Pauly’s performances and are okay with a somewhat disjointed storyline, it might be worth a watch for its sporadic feel-good moments and political commentary. However, you should pass on this if you prefer more cohesive narratives.

Language: Malayalam

Available On: Theatrical release

Runtime: 2 Hour 40 Minutes

User Rating:

The story revolves around Gopi, portrayed by the charming Nivin Pauly, a carefree wanderer in a quaint Kerala village. His friend Malgosh, played by Dhyan Sreenivasan, shares similar beliefs and ideologies. A misunderstanding leads to Gopi and Malgosh throwing a petrol bomb at the home of opposition party members. Although Gopi is unaware of Malgosh’s intentions, the public perceives them as acting together. Fearing for his safety, Gopi decides to flee to the Middle East. The film gracefully follows Gopi’s journey, revealing the myriad adventures he encounters there.

Malayalee from India Movie Review
Malayalee from India Movie Review(Photo Credit –Facebook)

Malayalee from India Movie Review: Script Analysis

Malayalee From India” offers a spirited yet disjointed cinematic experience buoyed by Nivin Pauly’s charismatic portrayal of Gopi. The film traverses through many themes, including comedy, political satire, and social messaging, but struggles to find a harmonious balance. While Pauly’s comedic timing alongside Dhyan Sreenivasan adds vitality to the narrative, the script’s erratic shifts between genres and themes hinder its coherence. The inclusion of astute political observations and occasional moments of genuine emotion provide glimpses of potential, but these bright spots are overshadowed by the overall disjointedness of the storyline. The inclusion of fortune telling and Muthappan (the personification of the Hindu god) reassuring a Muslim woman that everything is going to be okay, and she is also Muthappan’s child, offers commentary on Kerala’s unique social conditions, where Hindu deities are worshiped by followers of other religions and vice versa, or Nivin Pauly’s family relationship with their neighbor, a Muslim grandmother. Despite its earnest intentions, “Malayalee From India” falls short of realizing its full potential.

Malayalee from India Movie Review: Star Performance

The cast’s performance in “Malayalee From India” seems to be a mixed bag. Nivin Pauly shines as Gopi, bringing energy and comedic timing to the film. Dhyan Sreenivasan also contributes generously to Malgosh’s comedic moments. Deepak Jethi’s portrayal of a Pakistani character alongside Nivin Pauly adds genuine emotion to certain scenes. However, Anaswara Rajan’s character has faded into the background, failing to significantly impact the plot. While standout performances exist, the need for more character development and engagement is a drawback for some cast members.

Malayalee from India Movie Review
Malayalee from India Movie Review(Photo Credit –YouTube)

Malayalee from India Movie Review: Direction, Music

Regarding direction, Dijo Jose Antony seems to have showcased remarkable self-awareness in “Malayalee From India,” particularly his ability to blend humor with astute political observations. However, the film’s narrative structure has felt disjointed due to the attempt to balance multiple themes and genres.

Jakes Bejoy’s music enriches the storytelling experience, drawing the audience deeper into the narrative of “Malayalee From India.” music plays a pivotal role in setting the mood and amplifying the film’s emotional resonance.

Malayalee from India Movie Review: The Last Word

Despite its strengths in certain aspects, like music and performances, it needs to maintain coherence and engagement due to its disjointed narrative and lack of depth in character development.

Malayalee from India Trailer

Malayalee from India released on May 1, 2024.

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