Little Miss Rawther Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Gouri G. Kishan, Shersha Sherief, Jishnu Sreekumar, Nikita Teresa Mathew, Sangeeth Prathap

Director: Vishnu Dev

Little Miss Rawther Movie Review ( Photo Credit – Wonderwall Media Network / YouTube )

What’s Good: The film stands out for its unique portrayal of a modern romantic dilemma and its seamless navigation between past and present. The thematic threads are skillfully tied up, revisiting key elements that serve as metaphors for adapting to imperfect situations. The movie exudes vibrant, youthful energy, especially in crafting scenes that capture the euphoria of profound conversations during moments of intoxication.

What’s Bad: Despite its quirks, ‘Little Miss Rawther’ lacks the emotional depth to engage the audience. There’s a disconnect, and the characters’ love story fails to evoke strong emotions. The film’s constant time-jumping contributes to uneven character development, leaving certain scenes needing to be more transparent and more cohesive from the intended message. Moments of potential profundity are often disrupted by jokes or insubstantial remarks, hindering the exploration of deeper themes.

Loo Break: The opportune moment for a loo break in “Little Miss Rawther” occurs approximately at the 1 hour and 23-minute mark. Following this point, a song ensues after a poignant and emotionally charged dialogue reflecting on fathers abandoning their children, drawing a metaphorical parallel to the plight of stray dogs.

Watch or Not?: ‘Little Miss Rawther’ is recommended for those who can relate to its unconventional themes and have experienced supporting friends through complex relationships. However, most viewers may need help to connect with the characters, making it less appealing to a broad audience.

Language: Malayalam

Available On: Prime Video

Runtime: 126 minutes

User Rating:

‘Little Miss Rawther’ follows the unconventional love story of Abhijith (Shersha Sherief) and Naina Rawther (Gouri G Kishan), exploring their opposites-attract dynamic and the challenges they face as they navigate through young romance and adulthood. The film cleverly weaves between past and present, using flashbacks and film footage to capture the essence of their relationship.

Little Miss Rawther Movie Review ( Photo Credit – Wonderwall Media Network / YouTube )

Little Miss Rawther Movie Review: Script Analysis

Shersha Sherief, who serves as both the writer and one of the lead actors, demonstrates a subtle artistry in weaving narrative nuances into the fabric of ‘Little Miss Rawther.’ The script effectively explores the nature of love and compatibility, prompting contemplation on how individuals adapt to imperfect situations. The use of clever metaphors, such as Naina’s insistence on changing AB’s footwear, serves as a recurring theme that metaphorically mirrors the characters’ desire to conform to societal expectations. However, while the script introduces these thoughtful elements, it needs to improve creating a solid emotional impact. Moments of potential depth, such as AB’s recurring push-up routine or Naina’s Cinderella-esque ordeal, often stand out as isolated scenes rather than seamlessly contributing to the overall narrative, leaving the audience somewhat detached from the characters’ emotional journey.

Despite the script’s nuanced exploration of unconventional themes, it occasionally must maintain a consistent tone. The balance between humor and deeper contemplation is only sometimes well-executed, with certain scenes disrupted by jokes or insubstantial remarks. This detracts from exploring profound themes, hindering the script’s ability to evoke a sustained emotional connection with the audience.

Little Miss Rawther Movie Review: Star Performance

In ‘Little Miss Rawther,’ the lead actors, Shersha Sherief and Gouri G Kishan, deliver performances that fall in neutral territory, neither exceptionally impressive nor disappointingly subpar. Sherief, who also serves as the writer, brings a laid-back stoner demeanor to his character Abhijith, effectively capturing the essence of a character driven by his love for cinema. Kishan, portraying Naina Rawther, embodies her role’s meticulousness and sense of responsibility, contributing to the film’s exploration of opposites attracting in romantic relationships.

While both actors deliver solid performances, the constant time-jumping narrative and uneven character development limit their ability to establish a profound emotional connection with the audience. The lack of nuance in the characters affects the overall impact of their portrayals, leaving the performances in a middle ground where they neither elevate nor diminish the viewing experience. Despite the film’s quirks, the lead actors maintain a certain level of authenticity, contributing to its charm, albeit without reaching standout heights in their performances.

Little Miss Rawther Movie Review ( Photo Credit – Wonderwall Media Network / YouTube )

Little Miss Rawther Movie Review: Direction, Music

Vishnu Dev’s direction in ‘Little Miss Rawther’ showcases a skillful navigation of the film’s vibrant energy and quirkiness. The seamless transitions between past and present contribute to the overall charm of the storytelling, capturing the highs and lows of friendships and relationships. Dev successfully brings out the thematic richness of the narrative, especially in scenes depicting the unpredictable nature of profound conversations during moments of intoxication. The film’s unique take on modern romance benefits from Dev’s ability to capture the essence of youthful energy, creating an engaging visual experience.

However, the music in ‘Little Miss Rawther’ falls short of leaving a lasting impression. While it complements certain moments in the film, enhancing specific scenes, the soundtrack lacks the memorability that could elevate the overall viewing experience. A standout musical score is necessary for the emotional resonance of critical moments, preventing the music from becoming a memorable aspect of the film. Despite this shortcoming, Dev’s direction effectively contributes to the film’s quirkiness and thematic exploration.

Little Miss Rawther Movie Review: The Last Word

‘Little Miss Rawther’ unfolds as a distinctive stoner comedy-drama straying from conventional storytelling norms. Unapologetically delving into themes of premarital intimacy and amicable breakups, it provides a unique contrast to the prevalent violent narratives associated with Kerala. While the film may not resonate with everyone’s tastes, its standout portrayal of mutually consented breakups and the continuity of friendship post-separation sets it apart.

The visual aesthetics and transitions contribute to its distinct atmosphere, incorporating smartphone-recorded flashbacks and handheld camera shots for added quirkiness. Viewers must approach this film with the right mindset, particularly those who can relate to the complexities of supporting friends through intricate relationships, possibly amid the haze of intoxication.

Despite its attempt to mirror elements from ‘Rockstar (2011)’ by alluding to the term ‘dark’ and drawing inspiration from it, the film’s unconventional themes position it as a niche choice, recommended for those who appreciate cinematic deviations from the norm rather than being a universal crowd-pleaser.

Little Miss Rawther Trailer

Little Miss Rawther releases on 12th October, 2023.

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