Falimy Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Basil Joseph, Jagadish, Manju Pillai

Director: Nithish Sahadev

Falimy Movie Review
Falimy Movie Review ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

What’s Good: Despite occasional laughter and joy, ‘Falimy pleasantly surprises with a well-crafted portrayal of middle-class life. The engaging presentation in the first half, supported by a strong cast, adds entertainment value. The film skillfully captures the struggles of a Malayali family in North India, particularly in Banaras, offering a refreshing experience.

What’s Bad: ‘Falimy ‘Needs help to sustain performance consistency, exhibiting fluctuations in quality and engagement. The narrative needs a compelling force consistently, and despite efforts to evoke specific emotions, the film needs to elicit those feelings fully. The pacing falters towards the conclusion, and some scenes in the second half lag, affecting the overall impact.

Loo Break: Feel free to slip away during the mellows of a song around the 1- and 22-minute mark for a quick loo break.

Watch or Not?: Despite its shortcomings in writing, ‘Falimy’ is worth a watch for its well-crafted portrayal of middle-class life, natural humor, and strong performances. It offers an entertaining experience, especially in the first half, with relatable themes of family dynamics and aspirations.

Language: Malayalam

Available On: Disney Plus Hotstar

Runtime: 2h 5m

User Rating:

Nithish Sahadev’s ‘Falimy’ follows the tumultuous journey of a Thiruvananthapuram family to Varanasi, exploring the complexities that arise from their conflicting motivations. As the patriarch’s dream pilgrimage turns into a chaotic adventure, the film delves into the consequences of family discord, unfolding unexpected events that test their bonds.

Falimy Movie Review
Falimy Movie Review ( Photo Credit – YouTube )

Falimy Movie Review: Script Analysis

In his directorial debut, Nithish Sahadev demonstrates a keen eye for capturing the intricacies of human behavior through small instances and subtle actions. The script of ‘Falimy’ navigates the complexities of family dynamics, portraying the Thiruvananthapuram family’s journey to Varanasi with a mix of humor and emotional depth. The well-written, snarky dialogues contribute to the film’s overall charm, adding an absorbing layer to exploring ego clashes and conflicting motivations within the family. Despite occasional shortcomings in sustaining a consistent narrative force, Sahadev’s script successfully explores relatable themes of emotional conflicts, aspirations of the older generation, and the impact of age on individuals.

The engaging presentation mode in the first half keeps viewers entertained, emphasizing the script’s strength in delivering moments of laughter and joy. The dialogues between family members contribute significantly to the film’s appeal, providing a realistic portrayal of familial relationships and the challenges they face during their pilgrimage. While the script may need to improve in consistently maintaining a compelling force, it successfully captures the frustrations of a family trip, offering relatable insights into the human experience and the dynamics within a family unit.

While the script of “Falimy” exhibits occasional weaknesses, Nithish Sahadev’s earnest endeavor shines through in his adept portrayal of the characters’ emotional intricacies. Exploring human loneliness at different life stages enriches the script, with each character encapsulating distinctive struggles. Sahadev’s directorial approach, in conjunction with the hand, constructs a narrative that, despite its imperfections, captivates the audience through a skillfully crafted depiction of middle-class life, intertwining humor with poignant moments.

Falimy Movie Review: Star Performance

Basil Joseph leads the cast of ‘Falimy’ with a performance that, while reminiscent of his past roles, showcases his versatility in portraying a character dealing with anger, desperation, and sorrow. Despite occasional inconsistencies in maintaining the Thiruvananthapuram accent, Basil effectively conveys the complexities of his character, contributing to the overall emotional depth of the film. His natural charm and usual mannerisms align seamlessly with the requirements of the film, making him a fitting choice for the protagonist. Basil’s ability to strike the right balance of humor adds a layer of relatability to his character, resonating with audiences and enhancing the film’s entertainment value.

Jagadish and Manju Pillai deliver standout performances, consistently shining in their roles and playing crucial parts in connecting the movie with viewers. Their composed and grounded portrayals contribute significantly to the film’s strength, raising uncertainty about its impact without their commendable contributions. Jagadish, known for his ability to portray complex characters, delivers a distinctive performance in ‘Falimy,’ adding depth to the narrative. As the mother is caught between family egos, Manju Pillai emerges as a unifying force, providing stability amidst the chaos. The chemistry between these seasoned performers enhances the ensemble, making the star performances a notable film highlight.

Falimy Movie Review
Falimy Movie Review ( Photo Credit – YouTube )

Falimy Movie Review: Direction, Music

Nithish Sahadev’s directorial debut in ‘Falimy’ showcases a clear sense of direction, skillfully navigating the complexities of family dynamics and the challenges faced during a pilgrimage to Varanasi. While the film occasionally lacks a compelling force in its narrative, Sahadev’s ability to capture small instances and subtle actions of the characters contributes to the movie’s authenticity. Particularly commendable is his craft in depicting scenes set in Uttar Pradesh, offering a refreshing experience for viewers. Despite occasional pacing issues, Sahadev’s direction maintains a straightforward approach, avoiding excessive ambition and allowing the script’s strength and performances to shine through.

Cinematographer Bablu Aju’s visuals are crucial in keeping viewers engaged, especially in scenes set in North India. The precision with which Aju captures the struggles of a Malayali family in an unfamiliar territory adds depth to the narrative. The portrayal of Thiruvananthapuram slang and gestures in this unknown land is entertaining, showcasing Aju’s ability to enhance the film’s comedic essence. While the film may have flaws, Aju’s cinematography and Sahadev’s direction contribute to the overall visual appeal and narrative coherence.

Vishnu Vijay’s music in ‘Falimy’ is a saving grace, effectively elevating the film and preventing it from collapsing entirely. The music adds to the movie’s charm, maintaining energy levels and complementing the various moods portrayed on screen. Despite the film’s shortcomings, Vijay’s musical contributions enhance emotional moments and the overall entertainment value. The collaboration between Sahadev’s direction and Vijay’s music creates a cohesive audio-visual experience for the audience.

Falimy Movie Review: The Last Word

While ‘Falimy’ has the potential to be significantly better, it needs to hit top gear due to its inconsistencies. Nevertheless, it succeeds in portraying middle-class life with natural humor, making it a watchable experience with some delightful moments and a strong cast.

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Falimy releases on November 17, 2023.

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